Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Virtual Visits

I got away easy this week at the diner. And since I've been stressed up the wazoo, easy is fine with me since some...er, most days I need to get inspired, get advice or get happy with regards to my writing.

Below are some internet sites that I have found invaluable to my sanity. (And they are in no particular order other than my fingers finding those particular keys.;) )

1. The Duirwaigh Gallery - http://www.duirwaighgallery.com/

I love this site because looking at extraordinarily gorgeous art usually kicks my creativity into high gear. If you write paranormal, you'll find food for your soul as you wander among some of the best fantasy art out there. And if you need an additional pick-me-up, click on "A Knock at the Door"movie. Don't be surprised if you find yourself crying and rededicating yourself to your chosen muse.

2. Author MBA Blog -- http://authormba.blogspot.com/ These ladies are chock full of advice on the business of writing and the bane of an author's existence: promotion. Broken down into advice on craft, marketing, branding, etc. I am constantly learning more about the biz of writing from these professionals. They also give workshops if you need more in-depth information.

3. A Newbie's Guide to Publishing -- http://jakonrath.blogspot.com/ J.A. Konrath writes mysteries but his insights into publishing and promotion apply across writing genres. He's wicked funny and gives his take on publishing sans the starry-eyed sentimentality you get on some (especially romance writing) blogs. And as a perk, some of the best names in the mystery genre drop by on a regular basis.

4. Romance Divas -- http://www.romancedivas.com/ If romance is your gig, you should definitely check this site out. The forums are stuffed with all kinds of information on writing in any sub-genre. It also boasts a great internet community where you can take workshops, get critiques or find a writing partner. And really, what girl doesn't want to be a Diva? ;)

5. The Motivated Writer -- http://www.themotivatedwriter.com/ With a monthly e-magazine that spotlights writer's journeys, MW is a must-visit for me. It's a smaller community than the Divas and doesn't limit itself to romance-only writers. Get on their mailing list and be prepared to receive email "nudges" to "Reconnect to your Code" or have "Coffee with your Characters." Fridays are usually check-ins for writing goals. No smack-downs allowed, even if you miss your goal. :)

6. Write Attitude -- http://www.writeattitude.net/ So you're having a rough time dealing with your 164th rejection letter. Go here. Now. Filled with inspirational quotes and nuggets from other writers about their journeys, you won't feel quite so depressed about the long and winding road to publication after visiting here. You are not alone.

7. 101 Reasons to Stop Writing-- http://101reasonstostopwriting.com/ This is pretty much the opposite of the site #6. If you like Demotivators from Despair, Inc. this site is for you. Hysterically funny if reverse psychology works for you. To give you an example, "This blog is dedicated to the thousands of writers out there, labouring in deserved obscurity, murdering forests and supporting the postal system, wondering what the hell they’re doing wrong.
I’ll tell you. And God help me, I’ll make you stop."
See? Funny. Just not after you've opened that 165th rejection letter.

Any other sites that support your writing habit? Let's see them!



  1. I recently discovered your blog and enjoy all the great advice provided here!

    Writing sites I've also found helpful are Fiction Factor http://www.fictionfactor.com/

    and DeepGenre http://www.deepgenre.com/wordpress/

  2. Thanks for visiting, Kirsten!

    Stop by again!



  3. Excellent list of sites. I'll add them to my must-visit list. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, I loved the 101 Reasons to Stop Writing site. Thanks for pointing it out. Too funny (and too true!)

  5. Thanks for the shout out for Romance Divas!

  6. That 101 Reasons site is hilarious...thanks for linking us!

    Jody W.