Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Net: A Writing Resource Buffet

The net is the greatest communication resource ever created. In a single day you can access information on a huge range of topics, read your email, post on your blog, and chat with a friend or two halfway across the world. The following piggybacks on Talia'a list of resources, with an emphasis on places for critiques, reviews, and lists of editors and publishers. You can't have too much helpful information.

While chat can be a distraction, the opportunities for resourcing are almost unlimited. A huge number of writer's resources and communities exist in almost every genre you could imagine. Within these communities are thousands of people who are willing and eager to share with other writers. You can get information from folks in almost every country if you need cultural input. You can get every kind of writing advice, find, ask for, or write reviews (you get to read for free that way), find critique partners, receive sympathy and encouragement, ask for feedback, and take classes. You are able to join organizations (many free) that provide forums and sponsor events to help improve your writing or jumpstart your career by meeting editors and agents.

I have had critiques from writers in England, India, Australia, and all over the states, a mentor I chatted with regularly was clear across the country. These experiences gave me perceptions I would not have found in any other way. I joined the Romance Writers of America online, then took classes and attended the national convention in Dallas. I met other writers, found new friends, and took some great classes. I even tried pitching my work to actual agents and editors.

Oh yes, I used the net to help start a group blog! :)

The net provides so much for the writer. I've compiled a further list of communities, information sites, and other resource sources that I hope you will find useful, but on the internet buffet, these are only an appetizer.

When time comes to make that final revision, however, you must harden your heart, sharpen the ax and murder your darlings.

Writerisms and other Sins:A Writer's Shortcut to Stronger Writing

Grammar and Punctuation
Free Dictionary and Thesaurus and other resources

Google directory of writers resources-tons of them!
"Author Charlotte Dillon's excellent set of information and resources, includes things like how to do a query letter, enter contests, lists of writing books and more!"
"A place for authors to critique, workshop, discuss and share info about the Romance industry."

"The Romance Writing site is packed with resources for the beginner as well as the published writer."

"A resource for Romance Writers who are pursuing their dream of publication."
A place for paranormal romance writers to get reviews, write reviews for others, get info on contests and other goodies.
Straight info on publishers from Piers Anthony.
A huge listing of agents and publishing industry advice.
"A website constructed to help writers, and readers, understand what is going on in the world of erotic romance e-publishing."

And the mother ship-The Romance Writers of America
Here you can find an incredible amount of forums on every genre, critiques from others in your genres, tons of contests, and information on local chapters where you can meet a group of romance writers in your area. They also sponsor a huge yearly convention with classes, chances to meet with editors and agents, and tons of in- person networking opportunities.

Hope these are useful, and Happy Net-working!



  1. Deb,
    Thank you for the list of resources! I can't wait to check them out.

  2. Thanks, Debi -- is probably my favorite. I almost always have it open when I'm writing.

    Jody W.