Thursday, February 21, 2008

13 Interesting Statistics about the Internet and E-mail

I was happy when the diner staff suggested we talk about computers, the Internet and similar technologies. I almost dropped my tub of dishes. I love using the manager’s computer during my breaks to research all kinds of things and, of course, with the current topic, well, I had an excuse. I went into her office.

First, I checked my e-mail. Then I began searching with Google, never mind that the tables needed clearing and the spills needed mopping.

Here are 13 Statistics about the Internet and e-mail

1. "75 percent of Americans use the Internet and spend an average three hours a day online." Source: Brad Stone, "Hi-Tech's New Day", Newsweek, April 11, 2005, p. 62 as compiled by Brad A. Myers at the Computer Almanac.

2. I’m not the only worker who web-surfs on the job. "Workers spend an average of 8.3 hours a week -- more than one entire workday -- peeking at non-work-related sites.” Brad Stone, "Is the Boss Watching?" Newsweek, Sept. 30, 2002, p. 38 L62 as compiled by Brad A. Myers at the Computer Almanac.
I hope my boss doesn’t see this, but you can waste a lot time at the Computer Almanac because there’s so much “Ah-ha, I guessed that,” information. If you like trivia and learning new things, give the site a look.
3. You may wonder what most people do on the Internet. They send e-mail, according to Pew Internet & American Life Project tracking surveys (March 2000–September 2005).

4. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, defines e-mail as “E-mail, short for electronic mail and often abbreviated to e-mail, email or simply mail, is a store-and-forward method of composing, sending, storing and receiving messages over electronic communication systems.”
5. According to Email Marketing Software, Solutions and Services, the most popular day for sending e-mails is Tuesday.
6. The next most popular day is Wednesday.
7. The least popular day for sending e-mail is Saturday.
8. Sunday isn’t a popular day for sending e-mails, either, so that leads me to believe I might not be alone in my sending e-mails during the week from work. (The day-frequency research again comes from Email Marketing Software, Solutions and Services.)
9. In 2007, Ferris Research estimated the number of business e-mail users was about 780 million people. That comes from Email Marketing Software, Solutions and Services.

10. “A growing number of Internet-literate workers are forwarding their office e-mail to free Web-accessible personal accounts offered by Google, Yahoo and other companies.” Brad Stone, “Firms Fret as Office E-Mail Jumps Security Walls. New York Times”, Jan. 11, 2007, Web searched by: Brenda
11. The Pew Internet & American Life Project tracking surveys (March 2000–September 2005), say that 92% of those 18-29 are on the Internet. That means only 8% aren’t.
12. The next most popular use of the Internet is “using a search engine to find information.” From The Pew Internet & American Life Project tracking surveys (March 2000–September 2005). I used a search engine to get this information.

13. People also like to use the Internet to get driving directions or search for a map. From The Pew Internet & American Life Project tracking surveys (March 2000–September 2005)
What’s your favorite activity on the Internet? Do you fit these statistics or are you a maverick? Write back and tell me about it.

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  1. I am guilty as charged.

    Now don't tellt he boss.



  2. These numbers are amazing! I wonder if all the Net surfing time at work has replaced time around the water cooler or added to it!

  3. The numbers do amaze me too!! I never once surfed while working -- but then 50% percent of my job was driving and that would be crazy dangerous esp since I know several who have died in car accidents

  4. The numbers are incredible....

    :) Happy TT!

  5. How interesting. :) Thanks for sharing this.


  6. Arg! Statistics. When CEOs tell me stuff like this? I tell them that a happy employee is worth more than a few work hours. Because an unhappy employee can take an entire company down. (Look at the trader in France!)

    Happy TT - great list - fun stats!

  7. Interesting numbers. It takes people all of Monday to catch up on their emails and surfing that they didn't get to by Friday, so new ones don't go out until Tuesday, maybe?

  8. Good thing I don't go to an office to work. I'm online all the time.

  9. I'm always amazed by the number of people who frequent forums or do their blogging at work. Maybe because I've never had the kind of job where it would be possible.

  10. Times sure have changed. It's very easy to look busy at the computer when you may just be playing around. Who can tell?

  11. I've been on the internet since 1990. Sure things have changed since those UNIX accounts. Hehehe!

  12. I blow the first statistic right out the water. LOL!!!

  13. that was interesting!!!!!great work u shared this...

  14. Great post. I think we're all guilty of surfing the web when we're supposed to be working. :)

  15. this is my thursday 13 post for this week.

  16. I work as a web producer so I'm online 45 hours per week. Most of that is spent updating my client's website. Email is our main form of communication but it isn't even close to what I spend most of my online time doing.

    Happy TT.

  17. My Thursday Thirteen takes up a lot of my (boss') time. Gulp! I feel a little guilty, even as I do it. (Thanks for visiting my TT)

  18. I am guilty too. I am at work right now.Ah, I just outed myself. Whoops.

    Good luck with the graphic it is really, really easy in paint. If you need help, just email me.

  19. Re: #1...only 3 hours? And here I spend upwards of 16 hours a day on the internet. I mean...I'm a professional blogger, but seriously...

  20. They can have my internet back when they pry my computer from my cold-dead fingers. I can't live without it. No, I can't. I'm not addicted though. I can stop anytime. Really.

  21. Three hours online?? I am clearly making up for the people on the short end of that average!

  22. Tuesday is also the day for the most actual mail, which I've discovered since I've been opening mail at work. I guess that's why everyone's looking for the weekend by Wednesday.

    Wonderful T13!

  23. Thanks for all your comments. I'm learning from you guys that we should compile our own statistics.

  24. I posted one time that if I spent as much time at the gym as I do blogging, checking email and surfing the net, I'd look like Cindy Crawford.

  25. And it only gets worse. Or better, depending how you look at itQ

  26. I can't live without the internet and I do access it at work. Can't help it. How can I (or anybody for that matter) survive without the net for more than 8 hours everyday, six days a week?