Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Scrying Eyes

In the new year as we look back and reflect on things past and foward into our futures, a certain form of magic comes to mind-the art of Scrying. In stories, scrying is used for purposes of divination and fortune telling. Everyone from the gypsy with her crystal ball to the demon hunter staring into the flames of hell is looking for answers to life or death questions. While I can't vouch for the visions of imaginary characters, I do know that scrying can also be a useful tool to focus and open your mind to new and interesting ideas. Ideas that the hustle and bustle of daily life often block out.

It can be accomplished with any reflective surface, including the above mentioned crystal balls, fire, water, mirrors, or even someone else's eyes. You can get yourself into the mood by listening to relaxing music, praying, visualizing a place of comfort, or you can just go for it if you are good at focusing your attention.
Scrying helps that focus by allowing you to turn your thoughts inward and keep distractions out.
In our writing, scrying is usually associated with rituals and mysticism, and can create a great scene for a paranormal or fantasy plot. In reality you can use it to relax, tune out and turn on. Who knows what incredible ideas just might come to mind?
Below is a simple relaxation method that uses scrying technique. Not just hocus pocus, but derived from psychology.

1)Sit in a dimly lit room with and stare at the flame of a candle. With closed eyes, concentrate on your breathing. Some people envison a white light as a source of positive energy.


2)Slow your breathing, and gradually focus on thoughts of energy flowing into your body with each breath as your worries flow out.


3)When you feel truly relaxed and calm, open your eyes and look at your candle. See if you can get your focus to see through the flame and not stare into it. Let positive thoughts come into your mind slowly. This should bring a sense of well being. The next chapter of your work-in-progress counts.

If you try, I promise even without mystic revelations, you can achieve a deep and healthy state of relaxation and maybe a brilliant idea or two!

Remember, I'm watching you... :)


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  1. This sounds like a really cool idea. I think I just might try it :)

    Now if I can only find a place that's quiet...