Sunday, January 13, 2008


My resolution this New Year was not to make any resolutions. Now, I know that sounds a bit unusual, given it's the tradition at this time of year, but bear with me.

I got scrooged for Christmas this year by someone I thought was a friend, and a few other things went wonky and the next thing you know, I don't want to put up the Christmas tree or open presents or, God forbid, cook dinner for my entire family. Not good.

Then, when I finally made it through Christmas (after doing all the above-mentioned things), I sat down and took stock of my situation and realized all the resolutions I'd made last year and the year before and the year before that didn't get done! Color me surprised? Not really. I think resolutions are fine things, but I found myself truly disappointed not to have followed through on them.

So here's what I decided to do: I didn't make any "resolutions" this year. I'm going to just do the things I keep promising myself I'll do. And I've started already. I'm working on a screenplay treatment for a multi-published friend of mine, re-editing my fourth novel, writing three anthology stories (that were supposed to be due in December), and doing my own screenplay treatments for two new movies.

What do you think? I don't know if I'm any happier, but I'm busy, which always keeps my mind off my problems. And I'm not disappointed in myself for not following through on my resolutions ... and hoping I won't be disappointed at the beginning of 2009 because I didn't accomplish the things I wanted to do.

So more power to you if you keep your resolutions! But for me, this year is about doing instead of talking ... and I'm doing what I want to be doing and what I would have resolved to do anyway! It's a win-win. If you made resolutions, get busy ... and most importantly, get writing!

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  1. I didn't make any resolutions this year, but right now my big goal is getting the baby to sleep in her own BED.

    So far so bad *heh* It's not writing-related, but if she slept in her own bed, I'd have more chances to get inspired to write, hubba hubba.