Saturday, January 12, 2008

Facing a Fresh Start...

*Scrooge, The Musical - Music & Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse

One of my favorite moments in a movie is in the movie musical Scrooge*, when Ebenezer Scrooge is given a second chance. He sings a wonderful song which I love called, I'll Begin Again. Scrooge closes with the refrain:

"I will start anew
I will make amends
And I will make quite certain
That the story ends
On a note of hope
On a strong amen
And I'll thank the world
And remember when
I was able to begin again"

This is a wonderful hopeful refrain and as romance writers the concept of a story ending on a note of hope really speaks to me. But once the story ends, you have to begin again...and again...and again.

The wide universe is out there and I can to start anew to create a new world and new characters. Freeing right? Maybe, but infinity is daunting. Do I write a straight paranormal or historical paranormal? Should I write fantasy or contemporary? Once I decide which subgenre I'm going to play in, then I have to create characters: protagonists, antagonists, secondary & bit players. Then I have to plot out a story that will make sense.

I can hear you saying, "If it's so hard, stop whining and don't do it." The problem is I can't NOT do it. Characters don't shut up. Ideas don't stop hitting me. My fingers itch to type at a keyboard and create even though I know it isn't as easy as it looks.

So what am I considering? Right now, I'm waffling between a sword & sorcery style fantasy and a paranormal shifter story. (Spicy to Erotic Romance is a given by the way-at least for me.)

I've already created my shifter world so that bit of work is done. I know my hero and he deserves a happy ending - big time - but my heroine won't show her pretty face no matter HOW much I beg. My hunky Muse can't find her either. When she finally shows up I won't know whether to hug her or torture her with a gut-wrenching plot. Of course that could be why she's hiding in the first place.

My S&S has both a hero and heroine. They won't shut up, either. I keep getting prodded with glimpses of scenes. I can hear you say - "well, there's your answer." Maybe, but the down side is I have to build the world from scratch and dang that's a lotta work!!!! This won't be Earth so I have to draw maps, plot a traditional sort of fantasy but bring in hot romance, figure out how magic works there... The list goes on. I have kernals of ideas for a number of others too.

It's like being really hungry. Instead of receiving a tasty yet tidy plate of food, I've been handed an empty plate (which is large and white and so painfully blank) at an infinite buffet and told to go fill up my plate and get started.

How do you handle starting a new manuscript? Are you daunted or energized? Do you wait for inspiration or plot madly? If you plot, where do you find the darn thing? All comments welcome and appreciated!

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  1. I adore new manuscripts. I just put my fingers on the keyboard (once I get the initial germ) and everything flows. It's later on that I have trouble.

    I love that version of SCROOGE!