Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Day of Rest

Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest. I have spent mine working and writing, so I feel a bit guilty. I did, however, get some major things accomplished today and yesterday. My writing group yesterday agreed with my idea of not make "resolutions" this year and instead, making commitments. Five simple commitments written out on paper or somewhere else you can see them to help you accomplish five things with your writing this year. You really should try it. Because of mine, I've already accomplished writing a screenplay treatment for a fellow author, and am organizing pitch sessions for two conferences this year. It's really working for me.

But back to a day of rest: A day of rest, whether it's Sunday or any other day of the week, can be a breath of fresh air to help you revitalize your writing time. Take that day to fill your mind with creativity - go to the movies, read a book, watch a television show or movie that inspires you. Walk outside, drive around your city or out of town, or visit the library to see what kind of writing reference books you can come up with.

Motivation is key to the writing process. We all know it's a solitary occupation, at best. That's why we writers gather in groups to share our thoughts and ideas here on the internet. That's why we have chat groups and list servs and support groups - much like an addiction, writing deserves some help :)

Now, on the paranormal front, I wanted to add that I'm going to be meeting with Stacy Whitman from Wizards of the Coast. She is an editor of YA fantasy books and will be letting me know what they're looking for and what's hot right now. She'll be one of my editors at the conference in March, so I'm hoping to bring back lots of information for you guys. Let me know if you have any specific questions you'd like me to ask her!



  1. Awesome, an editor interview! We'll have to come up with a great list for you...

    Jody W.

  2. Excellent Jeannie. And I like the idea of writing commitments, not goals. I will work on a list of my own.

    Can you share yours?


  3. Writing down what you want to accomplish is a great idea.