Thursday, January 31, 2008

13 Things She Hates About Him

This is pure promo, diner guests. My first full-length novel, A Spell For Susannah, was just released from Samhain Publishing. It's based on the 12 Dancing Princesses fairy tale. The heroine's the eldest of the light-footed ladies; the hero's the guard assigned to track them.

And Susannah isn't so sure she likes this Jon Tom character. To wit:

1) She hates the fact her mother, the Queen, hired him to spy on her and her sisters to find out how they've been sneaking out of their room at night. No one's getting hurt, and wearing her sisters out keeps them from running off with unsuitable men.

2) She really hates the fact her mother hired HIM, instead of the guy who used to work with Pete & Benjamin’s Animal Circus doing a little sideshow work—lady and tiger stuff. It would have been much easier to fool him than this...Jon Tom character.

3) She hates the fact he claims to be a "detective" in a land where detectives don't exist. I mean, what does he detect, who stole the Queen's tarts?

4) She hates his wily demeanor and the way he looks at her -- like he'd rather snatch her up and eat her than dance a reel

5) She hates the way he insinuated there must be a man involved in whatever she and her sisters were doing. I mean, there are seven hundred men involved, but that's beside the point. Assumptions are rude.

6) She hates that he won their first staring contest. He wouldn't have won, if she weren't with her mother at the time, pretending to be a proper princess.

7) She hates how he seems to have cozened each one of her sisters. Handsome is as handsome does, and he's trouble, she can tell.

8) She hates how cocky he is -- when he's supposed to be guarding their room at night, she finds him sound asleep.

9) She hates how he seems to have a homing device fixed on her. He found her in the kitchen, the garden, the weaving room.

10) She hates the thought of him walking into her bedchamber when she's sleeping...her bathing chamber when she's bathing...she hates the thought so much, she really must quit thinking about it.

11) She hates the fact his voice is like velvet, even when he's teasing her.

12) She hates the butterflies in her stomach when he's around, the pleasure she takes in making him laugh.

13) She hates the fact she can't control her reactions to him, be they good, bad...or downright licentious.

Jody W.
A SPELL FOR SUSANNAH--Available now from Samhain Publishing *

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  1. Very intriguing. What a great excercise for writing. Thanks, I will use this method in my classroom.

  2. I love how 10-13 REALLY shows what Susannah is feeling ;)

    Great post!

  3. Wow, your book sounds fun! I can't wait to read it!

  4. Jody, your book sounds so much fun. It's on my desktop and I'm eager to read it. :)

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  6. Good way to TT and keep things upbeat and interesting.