Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Loveable Loser

Many, many years ago, I dabbled in drawing a comic strip. It had humorous text and crude drawings about the life of a newlywed couple. My inspiration came from my love of Charles Schulz's 'Peanuts'

Charlie Brown is one of my favorite comic strip heroes. Charlie Brown, a hero? "No way," I hear you shout.


Charlie is kind, polite, smart and always on the look-out for a friend. He never gives up, evident in his ongoing struggle to kick that football (he never did kick that ball, RATS!!). The one time his team won a baseball game he was at home in bed, (AUUUGGGHHHH) but he pitched every other game, never giving up hope his team would triumph again.

He may have been a loser but he was never a quitter. He has a strong sense of what's right, even though he's often blamed for things he didn't do.

Whose heart didn't go out to this adorable blockhead and his unrequited love of a certain red-haired girl? Even though Peppermint Patty wantonly threw herself at our hero, his heart belonged to another and his adoration never faltered.

What other eight-year-old is so independent. His parents were never around. He took excellent care of a dog (my very favorite character, Snoopy) who only referred to him as "that round-headed kid" and he was a good influence on his annoying little sister, Sally.

So, okay, he's an odd choice for a comic strip hero, but I'd like to see anyone find one more lovable.

Charlie Brown a hero? Good Grief!!



  1. Charlie Brown a hero? You betcha. He's a pen and ink example that you never give up on your dreams.

  2. Such a cute idea! Nice twist on the theme :)


  3. Okay, I admit that he would have never crossed my mind as a hero, but he has all the qualities of one so...you're RIGHT!



  4. Charlie Brown is a good guy. Neat spin on the comic/super hero theme.

  5. Aww. I love Charlie. Especially this time of year, since his Christmas special is one of my favorites. And my sister and I still do the bouncy-boppy dance to the theme song. Sweet post:-)