Friday, December 14, 2007

Holy Inspiration, Batman!

I haven’t read a lot of comic books. I’m not sure why, except maybe that girls in small Southern towns are not encouraged to pursue such seemingly masculine activities. But I did watch television, and one of my all time favorite shows was the old Batman series starring Adam West. Campy and fun, the series left me wanting to go out in the backyard and pretend to be Catwoman. (I doubt I was the only little girl who liked Batman’s nemesis better than his ally Batgirl.)

I tended to watch every superhero television show or movie that crossed my path, from reruns of the 1950’s Superman show to the animated X-Men that I watched with my kids – and even when they weren’t home. I might not have read the comic books, but I did love the film versions.

Without being a true comic book fan, the comics had such an impact on my life that the hero in my very first attempt at writing a book length manuscript was an actor who played a superhero in the movies. I’ve always said this book would never see the light of day. But lately the characters have been calling to me. I’ve been asking “what if” and thinking how to update the story. Because I really like the heroine, and the hero still makes my heart beat just a little faster.

Oh, and I always knew that Batman and Catwoman were in love. In my backyard yarns, they got married. What, you’re surprised? I’m a romance novelist, what did you expect?

Have a great weekend, and remember to take time to relax!


  1. I am so with you on the Catwoman/Batman thing. We all know he wanted to get inside that latex bodysuit so bad, he could hardly stand it!

  2. Wow, a lot of us made up stories to the old Batman series.

  3. Oh, I ALWAYS wanted to be Catwoman! Actually, I wanted to be Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, because she fit that part (and the latex suit) to a T. So much more interesting than the "good" girls, don't you think? Great post!

  4. I hear people who watched the most recent incarnation of Justice League doing a little fan-ficcing -- Wonder Woman and Batman, for example. I think they even gave Hawkgirl a romance onscreen.

    Jody W.