Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cutting yourself some slack

Okay, so the format here at the diner for the next few weeks is freestyle easy. There's a reason for that since this time of year packs mega-stress along with mega-cheer. Everyone is rushing around trying to live up to impossible standards based on Norman Rockwell pictures or Martha Stewart-like magazines. So today I'm here to remind everyone to let go of the guilt and embrace the day.

Not so easy when you're wearing at least 15 different hats without a major holiday looming in the near future. Normally, everyone wants a piece of you--now they want your wallet, too. Resist the urge to be Superwoman or Megamom because it's okay to be human. Really. Isn't that one of the things we explore in our paranormal writing--the essence of being human? Aren't mistakes and what we learn from them, the defining experiences that shape our character, create our courage and connect us to each other?

You're allowed to make mistakes in writing and in life. Find one thing to be thankful for among the chaotic bustle that surrounds you. Yesterday, I was thankful listening to Josh Groban's rendition of Ave Maria. Today I was thankful for both luck and skill involving a loved one. At the very least, tomorrrow I will be thankful for another day to read and write and tell my family that I love them.

Remember to breathe. Remember to relax. And cut yourself some slack.



(special thanks to Faheem Quereshi for the photo)


  1. I've cut myself so much slack I'm out of rope, man! What now??

    Jody W.

  2. Great post I definitely need this reminder in the last few days before Christmas. Don't you just love Josh Groban's voice? He and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - one revs me up and the other calms me down. Happy Holidays I came over from fondofphotography.

  3. My problem is I cut myself too much slack. Without a publisher's REAL deadline, I can keep pushing my imaginary one back and I'm the only one who notices. I'm asking Santa for a stocking-full of self-discipline and a box of dedication for Christmas this year.

  4. Thanks for the post, Talia...no matter how hard I try, seems like I'm always behind on SOMETHING, and of all the times of year to forgive myself for it, this ought to be it. I'll try to breathe deeply and remember that as I wade through this insanity:-)