Tuesday, November 6, 2007

To Every Warrior, Everywhere

What makes a hero to you? Are we taking about warrior males and females, our Alphas, or our Betas who are heroes and warriors in so many ways? The performer who gives 110% on stage or screen, then hundreds to charity? The doctor who crosses borders into strange land? They may not have muscles like Adonis, but they battle disease with their brains and medical skills for love of those they doesn't even know. What about the accountants who spend their weekends preparing kids for the Special Olympics? The backyard warriors in each home, who are raising their kids, and and making a safe and secure place to live? Each is a warrior, trying to gives as good as they get, and love, honor, and respect those in their keeping. They are the stuff of a hero to me.

My dad died a few years ago, my first hero, and a true warrior. He was a pastor whose battlefield was in his pulpit, and his family and congregation were the ones he fought for, preaching, teaching, counseling, befriending, and giving so much of himself. He was a warrior against cruelty, hate, broken lives, and even the shadow of death. My mother was always there beside him, fighting with him, supporting his efforts with those of her own, woman are warriors too. I fight my battles doing social work, parenting, and trying to make a difference along with my husband, my warrior of choice, not birth.

A warrior is state of the heart. When the heart is in the right place, we are all warriors, and making a difference is a kind of magic that lives in each of us.


  1. Well said, Debralee. My dad's my original hero too, even though he wears a suit instead of armor. Lovely post.

  2. There is so much more to a warrior than the one in the full set of armor. Hidden warriors are everywhere. Starting with parents.

    Thank you for the beautiful post :)


  3. That is a great point. Sometimes in the genre of romance I think we can lose sight of the variety of warriors we can write as our wonderful heroes!

    Jody W.