Thursday, November 1, 2007

Soul Reaver:

This is a creature I created with two other authors for an anthology we are working on. I originally posted this description at a group blog we created for the anthology.

I give you one of my most favorite monsters of all time. The Soul Reaver:

Most of the time, this creature maintains a human appearance. In place of a soul, however, is the true form of the Reaver. His milky white eyes are startling against the flat, light absorbing black of his skin, which seems to be draped over its elongated bones. At his full height, the Soul Reaver would exceed seven feet tall. His arms are almost as long as his body and are usually held much the same way a praying mantis does. The Reaver’s five fingers are tipped with razor sharp talons, measuring at least twelve inches. These, he uses to “pierce” his unsuspecting victims and draw out their soul for his consumption.

The victim of a Soul Reaver can be identified by a catatonic or “empty” state, accompanied by five discolorations on the chest or back. The Reaver often gorges on the inhabitants of a town or city, creating chaos and despair. It is here, that the Reaver gains his strength. Not from the soul he has stolen, but from the rush of taking what is not his and from the turmoil that act incites.

The male Reaver can only procreate with certain female humans. When he finds a mate, he will stop at nothing to have her, usually by seduction. However, if that does not work, the male Reaver will employ brute force to impregnate his chosen. These offspring--usually male--are born human. However, when they gain a certain age, usually in their twenties and thirties, their Reaver nature will snuff out any humanity they might possess, turning them into the creature that sired them.

Once every hundred or so years, a female Soul Reaver is born. Sickly and frail, she is the polar opposite of her male counterpart; as good as he is evil. Beneath her human form, she is a soft, glowing white with jet black eyes. As with the male, her fingers are tipped with long talons. She does not feed on souls and usually doesn’t know she is anything but human.

The offspring of a male and female Soul Reaver is born a purebred and has no humanity to snuff out, making him very powerful and very evil. Therefore, the female Soul Reaver is coveted by the male and in constant danger…

~ Sandra Barkevich


  1. Fascinating, Sandra! What incredible creative minds you have. I especially liked how the female and male differ.

    Such creatures are begging to be used in a paranormal romance.


  2. Thanks for sharing, good info I wasn't familiar with.

  3. So. Cool. I stand impressed. My hat is off to you, madam:-) You have a story featuring these things? The possibilities are endless!

  4. Wow! Interesting! And creepy. I'm pretty sure I don't want to meet one of these bad boys.

    Is a story in the works?