Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Everyday Heroes

As a writer I love heroes, but I admit to going mush for the everyday hero. You know him. He's the average-looking guy that you body-checked into a wall to snag a prime spot near the quarterback/lead singer/hunky actor dude who BTW doesn't know you exist.

I have a teenage daughter. Imagine how often I hear the above scenario or some variation of it. ;)

For me, what I truly love writing is a a man less...overpowering than that alpha male (through I have a deep appreciation for all alpha attributes). Call me a wimp or call me a realist but I love heroes who are firmly rooted in the daily grind. They struggle with the little things like indulging his mother's request to visit a flower show when he'd rather be watching football. Or venturing down the feminine hygiene aisle for his incapacitated teenage daughter. This is the guy who shows the little league team he coaches sportsmanship by congratulating the winning team even if the umps made bad calls and the morale on his own bench is nonexistent.

My guys are big on actions and short on words and the fact that they may have wings or scales or very sharp, pointy teeth is beside the point. What they have in spades is heart. Acutely aware of their own flaws and limitations, they fall in love. And that, dear reader is when the fun really begins because when an everyday hero falls, he falls damn hard.

No sacrifice is too great, be it his pride, reputation or modesty when it comes to love. Why? Because he knows a good woman is worth it.

And they lived happily ever after....



  1. Hey kid, sorry we had some strange tech problems, but still a loving and warm post

  2. Absolutely agreed! And when we can work some of these attributes into our fictional heroes, even if they ARE big ol' alpha males, I really think it makes them that much easier for everyone to fall in love with:-) And I have such a soft spot for adorable non-super-stud guys with sweet grins. Well, and cute butts.

  3. I love the unassuming hero. The one who does good deeds without having to get credit for it.

    He's flawed and sometimes wounded, but he gives his all, no matter what the situation.


  4. Just catching up on my blog reading! This type of realism in a romance genre character can really bring him to life and make him a man we like as well as.....well, you know!

    Jody W.