Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cowboys, Cops and the Shy Guy

Ever since I was a teenager I've had one consistent fantasy guy who eventually turned into one of my heroes. He's a very common hero, every woman knows him.

The cowboy.

No, I'm not talking about The Naked Cowboy who sings for money on the streets of Time's Square or the real bad boy you might see on an episode of Cops.

I'm talking about the tall, rugged, tips-his-hat-at-a-lady type cowboy. The one who rides up on his black steed, wearing that stetson like he was born with it on his head, and sweeps the heroine so far off her feet, she never touches ground again.

My cowboy is a gentleman, a guy who really knows how to treat a lady. He won't swear in front of her and expects she should watch her mouth as well. He, of course, would never raise a hand to her in anger, but isn't afraid to beat the sh*t out of any guy who would. He's brave, kind, loves and respects his Momma, Daddy and God.

He has a strong sense of right and wrong and sometimes his arrogance gets himself into trouble, but in the end, he's definitely a guy you'd take home for dinner.

Another hero I love is one I didn't know about until I created him. He's a doctor. Yeah, sure, doctor's have been the backbone of Harlequin romances since I can remember, but this doctor is different.

He's young and gorgeous, a new pediatrician who gets along great with kids. He sucks lollipops all day, plays video games and loves water balloon fights.

So how is he different? He's what I call the shy type. He's terrified of women. Oh, I don't mean like how I'm terrified of beetles and locusts. He doesn't run from them screaming as he rakes his fingers through his hair. I mean he's scared of women who make a pass at him. Woman who fall for his manly good looks and innocent charm.

He stutters, he stumbles, he trips over his own two feet just to get some distance, but he's no wuss. He's strong when you need him to be, and when the woman he loves only sees him as a kid, he knows exactly how to whisk her away and show her just how much of a man he really is.

There is no way I could make a post about heroes and not include one near and dear to my heart.

The police officer.

I've never written about a cop and it's because I fear I'll never do him justice. For me a cop isn't some guy on a page who fights crime and romances his lady. The cop is my dad.

That doesn't make him any less of a hero. I grew up knowing any day(or night) Dad went to work, might be his last. I was never afraid though. I guess I just believed he would always be there for us.

Dad raised six kids on Long Island, NY on a cops salary. He worked two jobs to support us and yet I never once heard him complain. We might not have had everything we wanted, but we never went without.

Even though he was rarely home, Dad was always there for us when we needed him most. He left his work at the station house. The only time he told us about his job was when it was something funny. I can't imagine the horrors he's faced, but that's all part of being a hero.

Dad has since retired his badge and put his gun away. He now lives out his dream of retiring to the mountains of upstate NY. He lives there with his heroine, my mom, who is a hero in her own right. They will be celebrating their 43rd anniversary on the 21st of this month.

If any hero deserves a happily ever after, it's him.


In loving Memory of Dutch. The best dog a family could have. They can be heros too.


  1. Oh, cops are big time heroes in my book too. My baby brother is one. I also count firefighters as hero-worthy too. Any man who'll run into a burning building to save someone they don't even know is a modern day knight in shining armor to me.

  2. Lori,

    I agree about the firefighter. My dad was a firefighter too! Amazing guy, huh?

    I should have mentioned them, but I was running out of room, so I'll do so here. Firefighters are awesome hero material.


  3. Mommy said
    Thank you for such a warm and wonderful tribute....God Bless you

  4. I like your broad definition of a hero. Nice tribute! Nice post!

  5. I think I could fall for any one of the hero-types that you've listed.

    Firefighters, too.



  6. I love a man in uniform (and I regard the Stetson as a sort of uniform accoutrement, too). Lovely tribute to your dad, and to all our everyday heroes who regard their heroism as just a part of the job:-) Also, dogs are absolutely heroes. I have no doubt yours deserved the dedication, and more. Their lives are far too short.