Saturday, November 3, 2007

About Our Guest: SJ Willing

When I was young I wanted to grow up--instead, I became a writer!

Born in the historic university town of Cambridge, England, S.J. Willing successfully published a poem in the local newspaper at seven, and it all went downhill from there. College, and a degree in chemistry, was followed by a wide variety of jobs including those as a technical writer, chemist, psychiatric nurse and Starbucks barista. Eventually, fully armed with pen and paper, a brave new outlook on life, and two cats, S.J.'s love for science fiction and romance took over. Thus a new career as a fiction writer was born and S.J.'s first novel, Cyberius III, won the Ecataromance "Best First eBook Romance" award for 2005.

Now, the P.I.A.C.T. Undercover agent romance series is storming on and the thrill of lethal space battle, searing passion and soul-healing love is blazing a way through space and onto your screens and bookshelves.

S.J. Is also the handler and trainer for the esteemed Agent Double D3, whose in-depth reports are scattered over the Internet to shock, amaze and amuse the world. (All reports are eventually archived on S.J.'s forum.)

If you'd like to learn more about the P.I.A.C.T. Universe or its characters, please feel free to send an email to S.J. At with "Found you at Samhain" as the subject, or you could wander over to S.J.'S forum and linger to enjoy the view and chat -- the coffee pot's a-bubbling and friends are always welcome.

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