Friday, October 19, 2007

Where Do Writers Get Their Ideas?

Where do writers get their ideas? Ah, the question of the ages. Readers long to understand how some sweet little old lady author could come up with a horrible vicious killer, or that hunka sexy love hero who defeats said killer.

Today, in an unprecedented move, I’m going to reveal the secret of where writers get their ideas. Ready? Here it comes...magic.

“What!” I hear you all saying. No way. She’s nuts. She just doesn’t have a clue and she’s making it all up. Okay, okay, just hear me out. Please?

The very first novel I wrote (please may it never be discovered lurking under my bed and be brought out into the light), was the result of watching Superman II and playing wwwwaaaaayyyyy too much Pac Man on my trusty Atari (seriously dating myself here). Anyway, the result of this odd mixture fermenting in the crazy recesses of my brain was the story of a video game champ who falls in love with a movie star (yikes, it sounds worse that it is, which is scary!) How did this happen. How did this tiny spark bring about an entire world with characters and storyline and plot? My answer: magic.

Hey, no rotten vegetables please. The point is, writers don’t see the world like other people do. A regular person sees a movie and a woman who needs to get out more. My writer brain saw a story. And I’d bet there were other writers out there inspired by either Superman II, or by Pac Man, or even both. Somehow a writer’s brain is wired in a way where mundane events twist and turn and become stories.

How does this happen? I don’t think anybody will ever figure it out. My belief is that it’s magic. I’ll bet there’s not a writer out there who hasn’t picked up something they wrote and thought, “I wrote that? Wow, where did that come from?”

So there you are, the secret. Something magical happens and spark becomes story. We don’t understand it anymore than you do.

It’s magic!


  1. I didn't know that -- I thought I got my ideas from the ray beams from outer space :). But hey, they say any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic....

    Jody W.

  2. I can do magic, KEWL! when can i take my act on the road?

  3. I've dreamed so many of my story ideas, it must be a special form of magic.

    And if it it's not, the end results sure are.


  4. Well, I definitely consider my muse magic. So, I'm with ya!


  5. Yep, we writers have funky brains--maybe over developed imaginations.