Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This One's for You, Grandma

I'm late in posting, but I've had one of those weeks.

I picked up my first romance when I was fourteen. I did it begrudgingly, but my mom was so sick of me reading those Judy Blume books over and over again, she insisted I read a Harlequin Presents. Six White Horses by Janet Daily.

I read the book. I fell in love. I immediately re-read it. From then on, I devoured every romance novel I could get my hands on.

My mom quickly ran out. She suggested I call my grandmother and see if she had any, since both Grandma and Grandpa loved them. She had tons! It was like my Nirvana.

Eventually, I expanded my reading to include single title books. My grandmother and I became reading buddies. Jude Deveraux, V.C Andrews, Jackie Collins, Janet Daily just to list a few. She would tell me to hurry up and finish a book so we could discuss it. We had a connection that bonded us through our love of romance.

I don't have many regrets in my life, but the one that hurts my heart the most is that Grandma didn't live to see me become a writer. I know she would have loved each and every story I wrote, even the early ones that I wouldn't let my worst enemy read.

One day I will be published and from the first time I ever wrote "The End" I have always known what my first dedication would read:

"This one's for you, Grandma..."

Love Maggie


  1. Love that story, Maggie-so great to have ties that bind us to our loved ones.

  2. Sounds like your grandma and my husband's grandmother would have been great friends. She was a tiny, quiet woman. None of us knew she was a romance reader while she was alive, but when we went to clean out her house after she died I found her stash of romance novels. Tons of the old, bodice ripper ones! I claimed them all and read them, all the while thinking, "Grandma Stacy, I never knew you had it in you!" *G*

  3. WTG Grandma Stacy!
    Ya know, I sometimes wonder how my Grandma would've reacted to my steamy scenes. Knowing her she'd have said. "You need to spice them up a bit. They're too dull.:)

  4. Maggie, let me tell you this: your Grandma is guiding your steps in writing.

    I have a similiar story only it was my godmother. Back then, I was a romance snob and refused to read what she told me was so wonderful.

    After she passed, I wrote my first romantic short story for her. Though she's not here to encourage me, she is watching me as I make my journey (and probably laughingly saying, "I told you so.")


  5. My grandmother and great aunt used to read Harlequins, too, but my biggest "treasure trove" came when my mom's oldest sister (who's pretty much the same age as my grandmother on the other side) let me go through the garbage bags full of Regency romances she and her eldest daughter devoured! I guess I was about 12? 13? It was heavenly!

    Jody W.

  6. I too had a grandmother with whom I shared a love of reading. When I was just a little girl, she made up stories about a rabbit family to tell me. She never wrote anything down, but I will always believe it was from her I inherited my storytelling ability.

    I miss her every day, and wish she were here to share my pleasure at finally getting a book published. But I believe she knows, and that she's proud of me. I hope so.

  7. She is Cheryel!

    It's wonderful that so many of us had someone in their life to share their passion.