Monday, October 8, 2007

The spark that starts it all: Inspiration

This week I am stepping in for my fellow diner staff member, Jody Wallace. Hey, everyone needs a sick day even virtually, right?

So, this go round I suggested the topic of inspiration. Why? Well, we're in October a VERY inspiring month if you write paranormal, but even more because I have just returned from the New Jersey Romance Writers' Conference and feel very...inspired!

I highly recommend attending a conference every once in while. They can be pricey (and I have yet to attend a National) but nothing kicks the muse in the patoot more than a room filled with authors discussing writing.

Usually our craft is a solitary pursuit. Nobody else can write for us (unless you are lucky enough to have a writing partner.) So we sit alone at our respective computers and play with our characters and yes, they talk to us but you can't hug them, hold their hand as they wait on a contest announcement or (as in my case) get up and sing karaoke with them.

But other writers do all this and more. We feed off each other's creativity and when you're sitting in a room with 300 other people who understand precisely the fear of the bank page and the elation of FINALLY nailing down deep POV, that's inspiration!

So I raise my glass of Irish Breakfast tea this AM and toast all of you!

Thanks for inspiration,



  1. It really was. The keynote speaker was Sherilyn Kenyon and I will blog a little about the inspiration I took away from meeting her tomorrow.



  2. And thank YOU for stepping in for me! It inspires me to pat you on the back, cyber fashion *pat pat*


  3. you are a very brave and efficient soul, dear Talia. Missed seeing you at the NJC-debralee

  4. I hear it was a fantastic conference...wish I'd been able to go! You're right, I love writing, but sometimes I need other writers around to "talk shop" to refill the well a little. We all push and inspire one another, one of the reasons why writers make such great groups of friends!

  5. Ms. Kenyon was the keynote for the PRO retreat at National and she was super. She said just what I needed to hear in that moment in time.