Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Devil Made Them Do It

It began when Satan and the Lord disagreed. Satan and those who followed him rose up against God. They were defeated and cast down from heaven. Satan became the King of Hell; the other Fallen angels are his Princes. Satan was the serpent who tempts Eve in the Garden of Eden. Now humans are forever vulnerable to evil in the world. This is the basic account from which Christian tradition derives. The Judaic and Islam religions both have versions of Satan as an angel, but his role differs. In the literature we are taught, he is generally presented in the Christian tradition, the most familiar account probably in Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Let’s discuss some areas of confusion. Lucifer is not the same as Satan, but the names have become interchangeable. The term Demons is used to
describe the Fallen, but many believe demons are created servants of hell, and Satan’s army. Fallen angels don't have red skin, horns and a long pointy tail. They began as angels; thus, they can still maintain the beauty of an angelic form. Many are pictured as hideous monsters, but are able to alter their forms. This aptitude for physical beauty, along with a reputation for intense physical appetites, has made them the new staples of paranormal romance.

I’ll give a few examples of Fallen angels whose names I have seen in recent stories. Asmodeus represents the third deadly sin of lust. In the Judaic tradition, he is the King of the demons. He lusted after Sarah, a mortal woman, and killed 7 potential husbands on their wedding nights. Definitely a Fallen who took desire to the extreme.

Belial is literally the Prince of lies, commands 80 legions of hell, and is known to be lecherous. He is said to have a beastly form similar to that of the Loch Ness monster. Mammon is the Prince of greed, and represents the desire for material gain. He is the one who literally encourages humans to worship money. Sammael is a seducer, accuser, and destroyer. He has been regarded as both good and evil, and is considered by some the Angel of death. Belphegor was sent from Hell to find out if there really was marital bliss. The Princes had heard rumors, but they knew humans weren’t designed to live in harmony. Belphegor's experiences in the world soon convinced him it was only rumor.
(Please remember others may define each Fallen angel differently, these are examples I found that were interesting).

Fallen angels are associated with sin, pain, promiscuity, and death. They have dominion over humans in that they are free to tempt, torture, and otherwise make then suffer. They have caused many an innocent soul to turn to evil, and end up roasting in the fiery pits of Hell. Alternately, some are reputed to have done acts of kindness that benefited humanity.
It is easy to see why romance writers have decided that Fallen angels are great fodder for the romance mill. They are mysterious, inhumanly sexy, and wildly wicked royalty from Hell, the ultimate Alpha bad boys. Since they fell from grace, what good woman, or romance writer, wouldn’t like to find a way to redeem them with love? If you decide to try, please research carefully since they are beings who have religious significance.

I wish you Happy Halloween, and may you find ways to keep all your angels heavenly.
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  1. Great post. Gotta love the ultimate Alpha bad boy who needs saving. *G*

  2. What a fascinating post. I'm not sure I'd be bold enough to try and redeem a demon, but they sure would make awesome villains. The traditional good vs, evil.


  3. Thanks for covering this topic! It adds variety to our creature features :).