Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Brownie for the Brownie

Hello. Come on in and sit down. Would you like a brownie?

No! Not me, one that you can eat. My name is Leaf. I'm a House Brownie, a mythical creature. A cousin to the Leprechauns. My race originated in Scotland, where all cool mythical creatures came from. Some think Brownies are descents of Lar, a deity who protects households and hearths. I'm a nocturnal creature, which is why I'm up and about right now. All of the Otherworld staff is asleep. I only come out, from the cubby in the kitchen where I sleep in during the day, when no one is around. I have adopted the Diner as my home to look after. I do small chores, which are left unfinished. And if I find one particular staff member who is lazy, and I have but won't name names, I plague them. It's so much fun. I'm not mean. I live harmoniously with Humans. The worst thing I've done is to leave a bit of honey in the person's shoes. He … he … he!

I bet you want to know what I look like. Well, I don't look like these girls. Whoever named them Brownies wasn't thinking of us. Our name came from the brown, ragged clothes we wear. We're about 25-30 inches tall. Smaller than those wee barins who take our name, then toss it aside so casually when they become Girl Scouts. We actually love children. Our skin is wrinkled, our ears pointy, our faces flat with pinhole nostrils, and we're quite hairy. Our long, nimble fingers aid us in doing the chores for the Humans we reside with. Overall we're very attractive little creatures. Much more so than those little children bearing our name.

Getting back to me and being a House Brownie. I bring a bit of magic, prosperity and protection to the household in which I reside, so treating a House Brownie with care is very important. There are some rules which we live by. A Brownie doesn't expect anything but a small reward for our good deeds. Never reward us in advance. We're insulted by this. After we have done a nights work for you, leave us a bowl of milk or cream and a piece of honey cake. A special treat for us is chocolate. So, ironically, a brownie would be a good treat. Don't leave us too much food, though. You humans overindulge. We don't like that! Never, never offer us clothes. This is the greatest of insults. We will leave your house forever and take our good fortune with us, or worse, turn into a Boggart.

A Boggart is an ill-tempered and greedy creature. They will eat the wood in your house, like a termite, and torment little children. Since I'm a kindly Brownie, I'll let you know how to rid yourself of a Boggart. You trick them by asking them to leave and stay out of the house until the hollies are green. Since the hollies are always green, when they realize they have been tricked, usually after a couple of seasons, it's too late for them to come back into the house. But if you treat a House Brownie right, you never have to worry about tricking a Boggart. We really love taking care of Humans, our small bowl of cream and the occasional brownie.

Leaf/Jm Sabel


  1. This was a fun post and thanks for sharing you knowledge in such an enjoyable way!

  2. A house brownie must be what J.K. Rowling based a house elf on. How fun! This is a very clever and entertaining way to post. I wish I had a house brownie. With 4 kids, two dogs and a hubby, I could use one.
    (I always have plenty of cream available:)


  3. Thank you.

    I use House Brownies as valets in my book, SAVING MICELANGELO. Leaf is the hero's House Brownie.

    JM Sabel

  4. Very cute post, Judy! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I miss my house brownie. She used to sneak into my home while I was at work and clean.

    Hey, house brownie--I know you visit the otherworld diner. Thanks.

    Great post by the way.

  6. Great info, JM! And cute post.

    I want a house brownie (and a square chocolate brownie to eat) :)

  7. I'll have Leaf ask Puck, he's another Brownie in my book, ask around to see if there are any Brownies looking for a home. LOL!

  8. Awesome Maggie, I never realized that JK Rowling had based her house elves on brownies! I think I just found a new buddy to share candy bars with in the diner's kitchen:-) Um, also, do boggarts ocasionally look like two-year-olds? 'Cause I think I might have one!

  9. I have a house brownie and he is very helpful. Thank you for your information, I have enjoyed reading it.