Sunday, September 23, 2007

Market Updates from Jeannie

From Cindi Myers' regular market listings....

Shauna Summers, Sr. Editor, hosted the Spotlight on Bantam Dell. Bantam Dell publishes mass market, hardcover, and trade paper originals and reprints. The produce approximately 15 mass market every month, originals and reprints, 8 hardcovers, 8-10 trade paperbacks. Their offerings range from commercial and literary fiction to nonfiction and include genre fiction, mystery, science fiction and romance.

In romance, Ms. Summers talked about some of their bestselling authors: Mary Balogh, Karen Marie Moning, Madeline Hunter, Tara Jantzen. Bantam Dell is editorially driven. Editors don't have a specific number of slots to fill each month or quarter. It's all about the book.

They publish women's fiction, contemporary and historical romance, paranormal, romantic suspense, erotica. Ms. Summers said they have gotten a lot of paranormal submissions of late and it has begun to feel like an overload. However, they still find the occasional standout story but these days a paranormal story must be really special to be bought by Bantam Dell. We will make room for books we think are great, even if we think we have too much of something, she said. Sales of paranormal titles are still strong.

Bantam Dell doesn't have a separate imprint for erotica. In general, Bantam does not do separate imprints for different types of books. Erotica must have good writing and “a story that is organic to the level of sex in the book, no romance novel with a lot of dirty words or a romance novel with a lot of sex scenes. They have quite a few erotica authors already, so are very picky about acquiring new erotica authors.

She would love to see a really good straight contemporary romance.

Bantam is starting Bantam Discovery -- Books that will be published simultaneously in trade and mass market. The hope is to reach different readers with the different formats, to find the widest audience possible for the book. One book a month beginning January 08. This will include originals and reprints, and new and more established authors who are still trying to find a readership. All the slots for '08 are already filled in this program.

Bantam Dell will look at unagented queries no more than 2-3 pages, snail mail only. Expect a response in two months.


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