Friday, September 14, 2007

Interview With The Werewolf

Since we've been talking about characterization this week, I thought I'd step back today and hand over the reins to one of the many voices in my head, Gideon MacInnes. He's the hero of my Spring '08 release from Sourcebooks, Call of the Highland Moon, and I'm pretty sure he only agreed to do this because he has no true way of escaping me. Plus I said I'd quit trying to get him to address me as "My Goddess" every time he wants something. So, without further adieu, there's a 6'4 Scottish werewolf with wavy, chin-length brown hair and burning amber eyes stalking in this direction. Wearing, it must be stated, an unnecessarily unpleasant expression. Take it away, Gideon.

Right, then. I'm Gideon, as the lovely woman who likes to toy with my universe already mentioned. And I'm not wearing an unpleasant expression. I'm just a bit leery of you romance-writing lot. Oh, don't look so innocent...I've heard about what you do to your heroes for fun. So let's have a look at what's on this crumpled bit of paper she's shoved into my hand and get on with it, shall we? Oh, brilliant. A quiz. My favorite.

1. Name? Ah, I believe we've covered that. And I'm not going to brandish my magic sword and tell you I'm Gideon MacInnes of the Clan MacInnes. A certain someone and I have already been through this. It's not happening. Sorry.

2. Goal? That's simple, really. All I want to do is get out of Northern New York before this bloody storm hits, get home to my Pack in the Highlands of Western Scotland, and take on the task of leading them from my father. This last hurrah in the States has been interesting, but there isn't anyplace like Iargail. That's the family estate, by the way.

3. Why do you want to achieve it? That's easy. I've been groomed for it since birth. I'm the elder brother, the more responsible by far (you'd have to meet Gabriel to understand, though I'd advise against it if you have husbands), and the Alpha bloodline is the strongest and most suited to guarding, ah, what we guard. Can't talk about that, though. Yeah, I know that's boring. But you'd understand if you knew what kind of responsibility my Pack has had for the last fifteen-hundred years or so.

4. What's stopping you? Nothing but my own initial uncertainty, though I've dealt with that. I have a nasty feeling about the weather, though...

5. Skills? I do all manner of work around the estate, which is especially important since we rent out the cottages and some of the rooms in the main house to guests year-round. The old factor's house is mine, though, and I'm quite proud of what I've done with it. I'm also one hell of a fighter, thanks to years of training. We don't fight much, but even in the Pack there can be the occasional bad apple.

6. How do you handle anger? Well I don't just go off and sprout fur, if that's what you mean. I've been told I get quiet. No, it's not "sulking." I firmly maintain it is not sulking, no matter what She-Who-Brandishes-The-Pen says.

7. Admirable traits? Like any other Wolf, I'm very loyal. I take my responsibilities as future Alpha very seriously, and I'm committed to carrying on the duties of my Pack. Gabe says I'm boring. I suppose I won't repeat what I normally say to that.

8. What don't you like about yourself? Nothing, really. I do sometimes wish I were as social as my brother, but I've had to accept that in my case, less is more in the area of company. And the romantic situation for me is by its very nature complicated, but that's all part of being a werewolf.

9. Pet peeves? Lots of noise, overpowering smells, and being fussed over.

10. What makes you uncomfortable? See above. Oh, and conversations about hero torture. Really, do you have to talk about that?

11. Fears? Well, certainly I worry about the fate of the, ah, thing that I can't tell you about. But actual fear? Hmm...the only thing that comes close has more to do with the whole mating business my kind has to deal with. You see, we bond only once, completely, eternally, and very quickly. That's a lot to deal with in the first place, but we're also compelled to give our bite to seal the bond. With fairly few Pack, most of us too closely related to bond anyway, that leaves humans. Most of whom, I regret to say, can't survive their first Change. So I worry about mating with a human, really. I would have no choice but to walk away, and I would hate to have to deal with the emotional fallout that would produce on both sides, some poor woman heartbroken for reasons she doesn't understand and me miserable and living out my days alone. Still, the alternative, trying to make it work, is worse. Just ask my father.

12. What past experiences shaped who you are? Losing my mother, absolutely, though I barely remember it. That, and the event that left me with this scar across my eye. I'll never forget that...or what happens when I turn my back on a certain cousin.

13. What makes you laugh? Dry humor, Gabriel's stories about his endlessly changing merry-go-round of unsuitable women (I would much rather hear about it than live it!) and the rainbow of expletives my exalted creator spews at her laptop when it's giving her grief. Lucky for me, this is often.

And the list comes to an end, I see. Hope no one's fallen asleep or anything. I couldn't if I wanted to, after all of this coffee (black, of course). Listen, the moon is high, the air is sweet with snow that has yet to fall, and I'm in the mood to let the Wolf out for a run, so I'll be on my way. Enjoy your day at the diner...I've got to say, I do love my Knickerbocker Glory, but the chocolate cream pie you serve here is really something.



  1. Thenk you Gideon for the interview.

    Kendra, this sounds wonderful. And I do hope that you have a a sequel in the works for Gabriel, too.

    Actually, I would like to see an interview with Gabriel about Gideon that we we get both sides of the story.



  2. Thanks Gideon,
    You gave a great interview! I look forward to reading your story. Please thank Kendra for using the interview questions from yesterday's post. You guys rock!

  3. Thanks, Talia and Brenda! Oh, and Gideon says "You're welcome," I think, though it can be hard to interpret the nuances of his surly grunts. Gabriel would be happy to do an interview sometime, of course. Though he's a little busy right now being, um, tortured:-) Chick-magnets like him deserve to fall very, very hard, and he's getting his in spades. I'm so glad you enjoyed Gideon!

  4. Oh my, Gideon has me howling at the moon already. And his book comes out when??? Can't wait. I'm already half in love with him and he's only answered 13 questions. Heaven help me when his whole story hits the shelves! *G*

  5. I like him. He sounds positively nummy. Sarcastic humor AND good looks. Could a girl ask for more? I think not.

  6. Very useful info. Thanks!

  7. I love seeing the 13 Questions in action in the very next blog! Great progression. Good idea, folks.

    Jody W.