Tuesday, August 14, 2007

When Reading Leads to Writing Writers

Books. Gotta love 'em. And if the stories chronicled in those books move or inspire you into actually picking up a pen or sitting down at your keyboard to set down your own story, then chances are there's an author out there you may want to thank.

Before I had decided to write for publication, I went to my local library and picked up a book called Must Be Magic by Patricia Rice. It's a historical paranormal with situational humor and a cast of characters that truly tickled my fancy. So much so, that I shot off an email to Pat telling her how much I enjoyed and that I wanted to write, did she have any advice? I was shocked when she actually wrote me back. Not only that, but she gave abfab advice by telling me to join RWA and learn the craft. I did exactly that a month later and wrote her back telling her that I had joined and was going to my first conference later that year. Incredibly, Pat was giving a workshop at the very same conference and I had the honor and pleasure to meet her in person.

Romance writers are a wonderful community of creative, hard-working people. And Pat's generosity of spirit is in no way uncommon. Since then, I have emailed many authors and have received some wonderful advice from these wordsmiths. That they still manage to take the time to answer a reader is one of the many magical aspects of this profession. Our words touch others.

So have you read a great story lately? Been touched by a spunky heroine? Fallen in love with a funny, sexy hero? You have? Great! Write the author a note telling her that. Or if you've already done this and gotten a great reply, share it with the rest of us. Spread that good karma around.

BTW, Pat's latest novel comes out next week. I think I'll be writing another email very soon.




  1. Great advice, Talia. I'd thought of writing the occasional author/heroine before, but always figured they wouldn't have time to reply. Your post has made me think differently! And that book sounds great...I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Kendra, I have swapped emails with Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, and Lynn Kurland to name a few. I've written fantasy writers and YA and always received a reply. Mind you, sometimes it is months later, but ALWAYS a reply.

    Writers (even busy ones) know the importance of maintaining a connection to their audience and the internet has made that fantastically easy.


  3. What a terrific idea. Thanks for the post. You are right that all writer's need to make that connections and hearing from readers is a great to show our appreciation. Think I'll do it!

  4. So true, Talia. Nicely put. The writing community is such a refreshing mix of support and comfort. I am proud to count myself among its numbers.

    Sandy :-)
    Sandra Barkevich - Romance Author
    *August 25, 2007 at Sandra's Goings On - Guest Blogger, Betty Hanawa ~ More Than She Wished For

  5. I remember the first fan letter I sent! Never got a reply but this was pre-email. I have had 1 fan letter so far myself :).