Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Welcome to the light side

Welcome to Wednesday, or if you prefer, Hump Day. Somehow the meaning of the hump day phrase was lost on me from the moment I watched Young Frankenstein. The image of Marty Feldman and his side-changing hump will forever be stuck in my brain.

So far, my esteemed colleagues have extolled on why they blog and the power of adding humor to their paranormals. I have no words of wisdom on either front. I blog because I love the feeling of connecting with both my friends and feature readers. I write paranormals with a hint of humor (or more accurately, snarky wit) because it feels right!

Being a born and bred New Yorker, I think being cynical and snarky is so deeply rooted into my psyche, it would impossible at this point to remove it and keep any of my personality in tact. Humor, snark and my love of the lighter paranormal side of life are entwined in who I am, my thoughts, my actions and in my writing voice.

Though only on this bumpy road to publication for a short time, I’ve come to believe your heart has to be in what you’re writing. I can’t imagine not having a ghost in my story – even if he’s not a central character. I can’t imagine a story with no snark, no hint of humor to lighten a moment here and there. I should clarify that statement - I will read something with no humor – I just won’t write it! While humor isn’t appropriate on every page or in every scene, my characters are free to see the lighter side of every situation.

Humor in my real life is just as important as it is to my fictional world. In fact, science has proven laughter is good medicine. It lightens the heart, frees the soul and makes a tough situation more tolerable. And being a vain woman – I prefer to think of those wrinkles on my face as laugh lines and not frown lines!

So, here’s a few more reasons to put a smile on your face – our new blog (where I hear a contest or two is coming soon. Ssh, you didn’t hear that from me :) ), making some new friends along the way and getting to know some up and coming authors that will make you smile while drawing you into their version of paranormal. And who can forget a hump day joke?

“Where do fashionable ghosts shop for sheets?”

Check the comment section for the answer – and feel free to share the laughter by telling us something that put a smile on your face today.



  1. Where to fashionable ghosts shop for sheets? - why to bootique, of course!

    Thanks for reading - have a great day! :)

  2. Oh, I'm glad you already posted the answer! Cute!

  3. LOL about being a snarky New Yorker! I've had this discussion with other NY natives, and it does seem to be true...we're a sarcastic bunch. I grew up with a strong love of dry wit, and my characters all have it too, naturally:-) I remember my reaction upon being introduced to Monty Python for the first time. It was something like, "You can actually make a living with this sort of humor? AWESOME!" PJ-clad, with coffee in hand, I continue to chase that dream:-) Great post!

  4. DD ~ Very cute joke. Being from NY myself, I wonder if that's why I gravitate toward the snarky wit, too. Hmmmmm.

    Excellent post!
    Sandy :-)
    Sandra Barkevich - Romance Author
    *August 25, 2007 at Sandra's Goings On - Guest Blogger, Betty Hanawa ~ More Than She Wished For

  5. Oh, I don't know...I'm pretty thick with snark and I've never even been to NY :)

    Jody W.

  6. I'm from NY and I'm not at all snarky. I do love Monty Python, though :)

    Bootique lol that is, what's commonly known in my family as, a Paul joke. Bless him

  7. hahaha - boo-mingdales dahling...that would work too! :)

  8. Enjoyed the blog, but I miss Macy's-even if you can't add a BOO!
    It just doesn't make it you say the Boo-mingdales parade.

  9. DD, I shared your riddle with my son. He loved it. Thanks.

  10. DD, Jersey girls have our own take on snark, too.