Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ellora's Cave Turned Me On...

To Paranormal Romance, that is. I'd say minds out of the gutter here...but, well, it is Ellora's Cave. ;-)

Yes, I read Warrior's Woman back in high school. And, yes, I read some time travel back then (Of course, that stopped after reading Knight In Shining Armor. I'm sorry, and I know it's just my opinion, but a reincarnation is NOT the same man!!! I was very, very upset with that ending.), but I never really strayed much from the traditional Historical Romance until Elloras Cave.

Suddenly, I was face to face with hot werewolves and steamy vampires. The quintessential alpha male. *Sigh* Whoooo Baby! I was HOOKED! I don't remember the first humorous paranormal I read, but I can share a few of my favorites. These are books and authors I love and go back to every time. Some got their start at Ellora's Cave and are now making quite a name for themselves with the big guys in NY.

One of the first series I got involved with is Dark Promises by Elisa Adams. These are very entertaining. I really liked how Elisa used more than the typical paranormal fare. She delves into demons and other dark creatures. Definitely thumbs up from me.

Oh! And you can't forget the Fantasy Fixed series by Christine Warren. I sucked these books down. Her dry wit and sarcastic humor is fantastic! And, I'm not the only one who thinks so. The first six books in this series are with Elloras Cave, but the next two are with St. Martin’s Press. She is a must read on my list.

I love Myla Jackson's Trouble series. Each of the heroes have been cursed into a genie bottle, forced to grant their "owner's" every wish. Ummm, usually these wishes have a decidedly sexual bent and make for some incredibly humorous scenes. Try Trouble with Harry I think you'll like it.

I've just pointed out a few with some humor in their writing, but there are so many more.

What sorts of humor do you look for in your reading? Do you like the in your face slapstick humor? Or the more subtle sarcastic wit? I think I'm partial to the latter.

~Sandra Barkevich

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  1. I like all humor in romance, if done well :). I'll have to try out that Christine Warren series! I am loving all the recommendations this week.

    Jody W.

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  3. I'm loving the recommendations too. I shows such diverse taste within a single genre. I can't wait to discover some of these unknown (to me) authors.

    And as for EC, I remember my first romantica purchase from them: FETISH by Sherri L King. Wow, what a vampire!

  4. I think Ellora's turned a lot of women, and men on over the last few years-hot, hot. HOT!-debralee

  5. Sandra,
    Glad you liked the Trouble series. I laughed so hard writing Trouble with Harry and Trouble with Will. Especially when Will went to Hell! It was a hoot! Thanks for mentioning them. They always have a special place in my heart.

  6. Sandra,
    I love EC too. I was writing paranormal before I discovered EC but after finding them I wrote erotic paranormal. That's what I've been writing ever since. I loved the Trek series by Jaid Black. Some of those books had very funny spots in them which had me laughing out loud.
    I loved Christine Warren's Fantasy Fixed series too - especially the first book with the greatest one liner in the world. "Apparently the truly drop-dead gorgeous run in packs." If I remember correctly I had to fight to keep from inhaling or spewing a swallow of diet pepsi.

    Great post!