Thursday, August 2, 2007

Why Do You Blog?

Conceived at Langley, the Echo communications satellite, designed to reflect radio and radar signals, undergoes an inflation test in 1959. Echo was the world's first passive communications satellite. Credit: NASA

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.
Are you reading me? Hope so

Is this thing on? Is it coming through? This is my first blog and -- making no excuses -- I confess I’m not totally certain what I’m doing. But I’m sure it’ll work out, even if there are a few missteps at the outset.

Why am I blogging?
Good question. To come up with that answer, I started by searching online to look at reasons why others have blogged, hoping to see myself. John C. Dvorak from The Blog Phenomenon, an article in PC magazine, says people blog for these reasons:

► Ego gratification
► A need to be different, which he calls anti-depersonalization
► Frustration relief
► A need to share
►A desire to be a writer

In an article for Digital Inspiration, Amit Agarwal’s headline reads: “Why do people blog? Pleasure, money and even guilt.” I question guilt, but he quotes people who say, pardon my paraphrasing, that once you have an audience, you don’t want to disappoint them. He also says people blog because everyone else does.

So why do I want to blog?

Communication, I guess. I’m a writer from a family of writers. I’d like you to read my words and respond to them. I’d like dialog. I want to read what you have to say. I’m eager to hear the ping -- the answer back. Sending out my signals, I’d appreciate a response.

In my 20s I lived in Asia and Africa. Daily, I composed journal entries and letters, which I mailed. I longed for return replies. I felt a little like NASA. I was launching my satellites into the big beyond, hoping for some interaction. Communication’s a lot easier now with instant messages and Internet connections, so that desire is intensified.

Herman Melville said, “We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”

Isn’t it amazing that he wrote these words before the Internet! It makes me ponder occasionally on how we’re all connected and maybe how we all can make the world a better place by reaching out and responding to each other. …

So why do you blog? Write back and tell me.

“Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after,” Anne Morrow Lindberg once said. And I agree.

-- Brenda Davis


  1. Brenda terrific post! I'd have to say I blog for a few of the reasons you mention: frustration, desire to write, eager to connect with others - I think the last one is the biggest reason and most important for me.

  2. Wonderful post...and as an admitted coffee addict, I would agree with the quote comparing coffee and conversation! I guess I blog for the "ping" as well. Making connections with people, no matter how great the distance between them, is endlessly fascinating.

  3. Great post Brenda. I blog because Jody told me to. LOL!

    talia ;)

  4. For communication and networking. I like to talk to other adults sometimes! Hubby never has much to say and I have a very small circle of acquaintances otherwise.


  5. Love the post and a great question to ponder. Hmm...I think I blog to connect with those who love the same thing(s) I do, such as; my family, writing, music etc...
    I also thought it was a good way to help others who are in the same boat I am (a writer seeking publication)

  6. Wonderful job Brenda-hope you feel good about how great it came out.-debi

  7. I think your blog was great, Brenda. I blog to connect with the universe as well. I think as a writer I also blog because as part of being a storyteller it's just another way to tell a story. Lastly, I blog to connect with my future readers. I want them to get a sense of who I am.


  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging, Brenda. You did a fantastic job.

    I got a big kick out of the guilt reason.

    Sandy :-)
    Sandra Barkevich - Romance Author

  9. Talia, how funny. I think I'd blog too if Jody gave me that directive.

  10. Kendra, it's nice to know another coffee addict. I read the other day that caffeine may fight skin cancer. I sure hope that's true.

  11. Weird blogsite guys! Reminds me of Calahan's cross time Saloon by Spider Robinson. YOu guys need more bussers id your going toclear any tables. Nice start to your blog Brenda ND! Funny! Remind me to stop in for a burger next time I'm in the same galaxy!

    PS beware the storbor - their vicious!

  12. Sorry about the typos. My seven year old Potter-manic daughter was alohamoring it all over the room with a mop, and my lap-sat-cat was dancing across the keyboard as I tried to correct my spelling, and sent the blog uncorrected. - go figure.

  13. Hey, chinameli, Thanks for stopping by! I'll have to look up Calahan's cross time saloon.

  14. Brenda,
    Interesting shout in the darkness. Are you calling for help or signaling for "intelligent life out there?" Eitherway, we do exist. To me, evoking a responce from the internet is like asking for a penpal. The letters are a lot shorter to read, and we don't end up inhabiting your basement one day. People have been leaving their names carved into the walls for centuries. Ogg the cave man boasted of his hunting prowess for the future generations to gawk at in awe. If the writer were a woman, the drawings would have been far wiser information left for generations to pass along. I blog to leave a minute article of myself behind when I depart from this world. Same reason I have for raisig a child, or teaching the young. To make a difference in the world. If I were not a writer, I would be a teacher,a poet, a bard, or an artist. In a way, I am all three. Building imortality perhaps? I believe we all seek a way of communication that which remains within, hidden but irrepressively there beneath the skin of our outer selves. Perhaps when God made light, it was a shout in the darkness imparting such knowledge that the universe could not stay in darkness, rather in the face of such truth, forced to uncover particles of what lay within, and explode in light.
    I blog to meet myself. Shimz a' Tabriz once said we go out in the world to meet ourselves, but it is not until coming home again that we really do. Welcome home.

  15. Brenda,
    Just stopped by to see if you were working, slipped on a peice of banana creme covered pie crust and am sitting here in a booth nursing a bruised knee.
    You should switch jobs. Bussing is the least paid, and easily replaced of all. Believe me I know. Besides, if this diner really has a pastry chef, you're definitely not being paid enough!
    When I lived for years in Europe, like you, I sent several hundred letters to friends and family, few of which I received answers for, none satisfactory. My only constant correspondant was my mother, whose letters I found slightly irritating. Nothing like the letters of yore (Jane Austin) or even yor (Gertrude Stein, Sylvia Plath etc.) all of whom were known for their letter-ary discussions of differing topics. Most letters coming to my attention were nothing better than self-concerned mindless patter, guaranteed to drive the most saintly woman to scream out for attention.
    Shirley Valentine said it best in her tirade on men. "I say my favorite season is spring and he says Ho! MY favorite season is summer, and then he goes on about why he likes summer, an we weren't talking about summer at all...we were talking about spring.
    Your Melville quote is quite profound. " as causes,...come back to us as effects." I have to think about that one a while.
    I guess I can hobble back to work. Keep up the great work! See you when I drop by now and again. It is a "Dark and Stormy Night." What trash'er?

  16. Ah, Chinameli,
    I don't think they let the bus people hire others, but I'll try and get you an application the next time you stop by.

  17. Thanks for sharing womanatthewell, please come back again. We need more mystics at the diner. You're welcome anytime.

  18. Brenda,
    Thanks, but I'll leave the bussing to you.
    I'll just stop by on my midnight taxi run now and again! By he way, the woman in my back seat is muttering about coffee grounds and eggshells....
    See ya at at the taxistand!