Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Strike while the Cauldron is Bubbling

The creative process of writing can be compared to the delicate procedure of baking the perfect pie.

Start with the crust-this is the stage where you are coming up with the solid base on which your pie, or story, will stand. Make sure you preheat the oven by coming up with a brilliant premise that will make your work a totally unique sensory experience. Then bake the crust along with an assortment of tasty ideas that will keep your customers wanting more. Now the oven is really hot, and soon your crust is baked and ready for the next step.

All the amazing ingredients we can mix and match to produce the exact flavors we desire. It isn't romance without the sweet indulgences of sugar and spice-a touch of cinnamon perhaps? The hero and heroine, a combination with the drama of milk or darkest chocolate, and humor as delightfully airy as a meringue topping. Then finish it off with the delicious assortment of secondary characters, anything from sour lemons to salty nuts. Just be careful with your measurements. You can always wind up with too much of a good thing. A talented cook is careful to find that perfect balance to make the results blissfully unforgettable.

Now you have it all together, so go ahead and strike while the oven is hot. So many times something can come between us and our perfect pie. Time is an enemy that stalks every cook and writer I know. You have a tough day at work, then come home to a couple of screaming children or a dirty house. Then there are the bills to be paid and before you know it reality bites you in the backside before you get to share a single bite of your creation. It's such a crime to waste that wonderful pie, which doesn't do well if left in the oven until extra crispy.

Take it out and start again if you need to. We all have those moments when the process becomes a drain, the ideas refuse to flow, and the words are not appearing on our word processing screens. Suddenly the oven is cold, and the pie is something we chose to ignore. These dry spells shall pass, and suddenly the oven heats up again, and we find a new recipe that's sure to be a hit. Out of the oven comes the story that catches the editor's eye, and they ask us for a slice of our pie!

That's an idea witch you can taste!
Happy Baking Y'all,

Hugs from Debralee : )


  1. Some great analogies in here - Debralee - thanks so much for that inspirational post :)

  2. Did you edit your entry so you could add that witch pun?? What a hilarious groaner!

  3. Mmmmm, baking. Now any time I write I'm gonna crave baked goods *s*
    Love the post. I should be so clever.

  4. LOL, Debralee! All excellent advice. And delicious too.

    Sandy :-)
    Sandra Barkevich - Romance Author

  5. I love your comparison between baking and creating! Brenda ND