Monday, July 30, 2007

Rumor Has It, We Have Pie

Rumor has it, to be a successful published author, all you have to do is write books that editors (and readers) are willing to buy.

Rumor also has it that Elvis isn’t dead and if you keep making that face, it will freeze like that.

As a published author in the beginning stages of my career, I can’t speak for what it takes to be a roaring success just yet. As a person who has no ability to communicate with ghosts, I also can’t speak for Elvis’s state of existence. But I can speak for what happens if you make that face: nothing, until it gets to be such a habit you make it in public, maybe during a business meeting or other professional setting, and then you wish you’d listened to whomever warned you about it in the first place.

Speaking of professional settings, lots of authors in this day and age supplement their chance for success through marketing opportunities like websites, giveaways, booksignings, interviews and so on. Even unpublished authors, utilizing today’s cyber avenues for publicity, can network, research publishers and agents (not to mention Elvis sightings), and slyly insert their names in front of other authors and industry professionals. They can establish the beginnings of a solid career network that will function as a springboard once they get their big chance to jump. If they play their blogs right, they can even attract fans, people willing to buy their book when it makes it to print.

The Otherworld Diner is an offshoot of Likeminds, the brainchild of Jeannie Midnight and Debralee Daniels. Jeannie and Debralee, or Debi as we here at the Diner call her, realized that their favorite subgenre of fiction -- humorous paranormal romance -- could use a central location for authors to exchange gossip, advice, critiques, ideas, and insider information. Authors who write in this particular subgenre have unique needs a group of like minds (hence the title) might be able to meet better than a more general writer’s group. So they rounded up a group of kindred spirits, and, as so many authors these days tend to do, several participants decided a group blog would be the perfect outlet for their (over)energetic imaginations.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll have a chance to meet the staff members and check out their reasons for writing and blogging and juggling careers and families and whether or not they have heard any good Elvis rumors lately. Then, once we get the knots untangled, we’re going to have some games and giveaways and probably some favorite dessert recipes. We’ll often have weekly topics, maybe some writing prompts, and whatever else strikes our fancy as we work our way up the totem pole of publishing. If you want a quick tour, check out the sidebar to the right, where we have every staff member’s bio listed as well as the bios of a few of our part-time employees, who may show up here from time to time when another staffer is on vacation.

And that is why, amidst an internet sea of bloggy travel destinations, the Diner is here to serve you. And the bonus part? We have pie. Lots of pie.

Come back and see us soon, now, you hear?

Jody Wallace, Dayshift Manager!


  1. Woohoo - we're live and you did a fabulous first entry! (Ssh, I've heard through the grapevine that Elvis loves pie, too!)

  2. Jody, your blog looks great! Hey, I'm always ready for pie--especially pie without calories. And a side dose of humor is always welcome too.

    I see a few writers I know on this blog. Waving hi to Judy and Cheryel.

  3. know, maybe we should offer a peanut butter and banana sandwich on the menu in case The King (in either his corporeal or non-corporeal form) gets the munchies and decides to swing by! Excellent post, Ms. Manager:-)

  4. Hi Edie,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Jody, great job!


  5. Jody, the blog looks great! And I'll definitely be coming back for some more pie. :-)

  6. Hey, I see some familar faces here. Sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck, ladies. And I'll add you to my blogroll when I update my site.

  7. You'll be franchising in no time at all.

    If you want a link some time, DD knows where to find me.

    Good luck!

    Zara Penney

  8. Thanks to everyone for dropping by on our first day open! This blog has been mulling in our minds for a couple months now (I think), and it's great to be able to share all the ideas we've come up with. We're all very excited to be here!

  9. What do you mean, Elvis is dead?



  10. Wow, excellent beginning! Write on Jody.

  11. Thanks for a great start!-debi

  12. Great first entry! Thanks for getting us off to a fantastic start!