Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Diner Staff & Schedule

To keep pace with our unusual hours for our unusual customers, the Otherworld Diner posts on a 4-week rotation beginning on the first Sunday of each month. The order of bloggers (subject to fits and starts and baking disasters) is:

Sunday: Jeanne
Monday: Lori
Tuesday: Livia
Wednesday: Eilis
Thursday: Brenda
Friday: Gretchen

Sunday: Jeanne
Monday: Cadence
Wednesday: Shirley
Thursday: Jody
Friday: Cheryl

Sunday: Jeanne
Monday: Lori
Tuesday: Debora
Wednesday: PR
Thursday: Brenda

Sunday: Jeanne
Monday: Talia
Wednesday: Michele

Former staffers are always welcome, as are you! If you'd like to guest blog at the Otherworld Diner, we're happy to try out recipes, waitstaff and cooks. Drop Jeannie, the hostess, an email, since she writes up the schedule (mdntvoices [at] Some of our staffers are part-timers themselves and may pop in from time to time to fold napkins, refill the ketchup bottles or try out a new recipe on our customers.

Have a good time while you're here, and be sure to sample the pie!

The Diner Staff

Note: You can see a collection of all blog entries by specific staff members if you click their names in the right sidebar or in the tags under their bio. You can also click the "staff" tag to see everyone's bio at once.


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