Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Bread of Life

Bread. The basic sustenance of life. But for some of us (who thankfully have enough bread in our bellies each night) there is another basic need that we have--the need to tell stories. That is what we're about here at The Otherworld Diner.

We are storytellers.

And like any good diner, we have a menu, only ours is filled with stories that range from sweet to spicy to hot and seasoned with humor. So we've lit up our neon sign, heated up the griddle, and poured the first cup of coffee in this prime location, location, location.

My specialty? Light Paranormal ala mode (only substitute humor for the vanilla ice cream. I prefer fudge ripple anyway.) My ingredients? Quirky Fae, mixed with hot tub-loving dragons, and good but self-absorbed gods. Toss in some Jersey girl heroines to mix things up and voila! Mayhem!

So welcome customers...er, readers, writers, agents and editors!

And as Nanna always said, "Mangia!"

Talia :)


  1. That bread look terrific - don't mind if I have a seat and enjoy a slice with my paranormal pie!

  2. I wonder what Italian for "Read up!" instead of "Eat up!" would be???


  3. You made me hungry-and it shows in my post!-Debi

  4. What does Mangia mean? It sounds good.

  5. "Mangia!" officially means "Eat!" But for the sake of my analogy it would be more like "Write!" "Blog!" or "Create!"