Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sandra Barkevich, Food Critic

Sandra Barkevich, resident Food Critic. Literally. Something to do with a mislabeled shipment of spel…er, spices. Oh, don’t worry. She seems to have gotten over the shock of every exit, window, chimney, hole…leading right back here. She hardly ever claws at the doors anymore.

Before…relocating to the diner, Sandra specialized in historical dishes, mainly Regency and early Victorian. However, after a tip from a friend, her interests have turned to the more unusual.

Most days, you can find Sandra in the back corner booth working on some recipes of her own. Lately, her tastes have taken a decidedly darker and spicier turn. There’s always something interesting going on in her corner and she loves company so be sure to stop by her booth when you visit the diner.

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