Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lori Dillon, Waitress -- Morning Shift

An early riser, Lori gets to the diner before sun up to open the doors and turn the lights on. She loves the quiet hour or so before the breakfast crowd comes in when her only company is the snap-crackle-pop of bacon frying in the kitchen and the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee brewing behind the counter. But once the neon OPEN sign lights up in the window, she’s ready to greet you with a smile-wrapped “mornin’ ya’ll.” But don’t you dare try to order before she’s had her first cup a Joe or you’re liable to get served Triscuits and navy (beans) for breakfast instead of the diner’s world famous biscuits and gravy.

Born and raised in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, this southern gal is always ready with a snappy comeback or a sassy come-hither wink (usually reserved for her favorite regulars). But don’t take all that Scarlet O’Hara flirting too seriously. When her shift’s over, she hightails it straight home to her own Rhett Butler and two little ones who are the apple of her eye. So sit yourself down and enjoy a big ol’ plate of eggs and grits along with a mile-high stack of flapjacks. But be sure to save room for a sampling of Lori’s home-grown parahistoricals smothered in stick-to-your-ribs humor at Ain’t it amazing that a small town girl who’s hardly stepped foot out of Virginia can dream up tales about bumbling guardian angels in Italy and dragon-knights in medieval England? Must be something in all that fresh mountain air . . .

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