Thursday, June 21, 2007

JM Sabel, Kitten

J.M. is the Bengal kitten with the honey marble and black coloring and the cream under belly, curled up in one of the booths. She has emerald-colored eyes that look as if someone has lined them with black eyeliner. Watch out or she'll steal your car keys and hide it in her hidey-hole with the other treasures she covets. Then you'll be stuck at the diner all day looking for them. She doesn't drink milk, but prefers iced tea with lemon and loves to jump into the sink full of dishes.

Okay, she's really a character in one of J.M. Sabel's books named Daisy. She actually belongs to a hunky Guardian Angel, who screwed up and Michelangelo died before painting the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. Besides writing about Angel heroes, J.M Sabel also writes about steamy highlanders. Her heroines are strong Mortal women from all centuries, and you'll always find a few famous people sprinkled in her books in a way that will make you smile. But sparks are always flying between her heroes and heroines and there's plenty of sizzle.

J.M Sabel is an ex ballerina who hung up her dancing shoes to work with children in the field of nursing. She has a Masters degree in pediatric nursing. Currently, she lives in a forest in Northern California with her husband and sons, and probably a few fairies. She's a full time writer and illustrator. She's one of the founding members of Celtic Hearts Romance Writers, a PRO member of RWA, as well a member of a number of other RWA chapters. Come and find out more about J.M Sabel and her books at her website.

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