Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Debralee Daniels, Owner

Debralee Daniels is a Jersey girl who loves strange new worlds and Southern hospitality, so y'all can call her Debi. She might own this operation, but she's always willing to pitch in at whatever needs doing. She found this great location and started setting up the diner. But having the best managers and staff this side of the universe is what makes it special. Being the owner does have its perks, especially when Lori's brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Talia's pecan pies are sweet enough to make the tooth fairy cry, and Jody always makes sure she gets a slice in the morning so she'll stay in her office and not scare off the customers.

Later in the day you can usually find her sneaking a read in her office, or chatting up the regulars. When the diner is short-staffed, she even tries to play waitress, accent on the play. She hates the busy work, but she does love to talk. Just ask her husband, son, and even Daisy the diner cat, who loves to sit on her desk and creatively shred the paperwork. Speaking of paperwork, she's published some poems, lyrics, and won a contest for playwriting. Publishing her book is next on her to-do list. You can check out her progress at Then come on back and check out the blue plate special.

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