Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Debora Dennis, Night Shift Manager

Your Night Shift Manager here at the Otherworld Diner is Debora Dennis, but her name tag simply reads "DD". Growing up within minutes of New York City, she’s got the accent and attitude to keep our customers both in line and coming back for more. Klutz that she is, you’ll never find our manager serving food, but it has been noted she can be bribed with chocolate for a table with a view. Her hubby and three kids love the leftover pie, but are much happier when she brings home leftover fries or bacon & eggs!

Although it might appear our Night Manager is a little nutty and seems to talk more to herself than anyone else - things aren't always as they appear. She's got more than her share of ghosts and spectral beings following her around as they try to regale her with their latest tales of mischief and heartache. If you hit the diner on the right night, you just might be lucky enough to see her leading men in action. - don't say we didn't warn you!

You can read more about Debora Dennis and her spirited romantic tales here:

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