Sunday, June 24, 2007

ChinaMeli, Waitress

ChinaMeli, or CM if you're in a hurry, lives upstairs next to the diner in a walk-up-three-flights-of-stairs-apartment. She frequented the diner daily and got her own coffee from the burner when no one was out front. The Brenda kid was busy bussing tables, so she figured that put her one foot over the threshold anyway.

She dumped her newspaper column when her married boss got too friendly - long story. She's presently living off of her inheritance from a daughter-friendly father and trying her hand at freelancing while she "opens a vein at her typewriter," writing her own brand of quirky paranormal story swathed in romance and a tinge of humor. So - when one of the regular wait staff at the Diner took some time off, what was more obvious than inviting CM for a little "two biddies on a raft - ship wreck 'em!" kind of temp work to subsidize her ink-and-carbon-paper habit?

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