Friday, June 22, 2007

Cathy Leming, Napkin Folder

A diner doesn't usually need a napkin folder, but nobody wants Cathy trying to remember customer orders, handle scalding hot pots of coffee or count money. After all, some of our patrons are ... well ... unpredictable otherworldy types. They can bless as well as curse.

Cathy clocks in only on busy nights. A working mother of two children, she loves a dash of fantasy fiction to go with her real world piece of the pie. Her taste in paranormal romance fiction is the same as her taste in fried chicken--light and super-spicy. When not agonizing over how to fold a white linen napkin into a pair of angels wings, she's obsessing over elements of craft as they apply to her manuscript.

A believer in the old adage: Reformed rakes make the best husbands, she married a rock star, only to discover she didn't want to reform him. They like to holiday as often as possible and indulge their hobbies. Like the angel she is, Cathy's daughter is an accomplished harpist. The husband unit is a touring and recording artist turned family man. While Cathy's hobby--writing paranormal historical romance fiction--is indisputably the most eccentric, it is the least creative, resulting in little more than piles of paper around her desk.

We hope her napkin folding will be a subtle improvement to the ambiance.

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