Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Anxious for Spring? Thirteen Signs It’s Close

The Vernal Equinox, the day where sunlight and darkness are approximately the same length for the whole Earth was March Twentieth—it’s supposedly a sign of spring, yet there’s freezing rain and snow in the forecast where I live. I’m back to wearing my wool sweater in the house. Spring seems far away, so to booster my spirits I’ve decided to list other signs of spring.

1. Sunlight hours increase. It’s now light when I drive to work and when I return home.
2. Robins appear. I’ve seen several so far.
3. Buds swell. My roses and my raspberries have these!
4. Birds start singing. I’ve awoken to bird song the past week or so.
5. Days get windy. Check.
6. Green stalks from bulbs rise through the dirt. Yep.
7. Crocuses bloom. Here’s a picture of some from my garden.

8. Worms appear on the sidewalk. I haven’t seen this yet.
9. People stop wearing their winter coats. Unfortunately, in my area, we’re back to coats, gloves and boots.
10. Easter candies appear in stores. I like the chocolate bunnies.
11.  Grocery stores display white lilies and bunches of tulips. Check.
12, Eggs, vinegar and food coloring ads appear. And check.
13. The grass turns green. Hmm. Sort of.
What’s the weather like where you live? Can you think of any other signs of spring we should look for?



  1. I heard the peepers and took pictures of daffodils today. The hens are busting out and the forsythia look like 1000 points of light.

  2. I like the Cadbury eggs, which are no longer made by Cadbury and which are smaller, but still tasty. I will be glad when the wind dies down, though. Not a fan of wind.

  3. Weather definitely SUCKS today -- rain/sleet all day and snowing now (5 pm). I miss the week I was wearing crop pants and a spring jacket. Mine