Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Acknowledging our #veterans #PearlHarborDay #New release

I know, I've been gone a while. All I can say is between work and writing, well... I should do better.

I have a new release Merry Christmas, Baby  just in time for the holidays but coincidentally it went live on Pearl Harbor Day, a "Momentous" day in US history.

I shouldn't have been surprised though because my focus with this series stays on veterans. My oldest vet in the series, Grandpa Earl, survived Pearl Harbor.

Every time I research background for a story or brainstorm a character, my thoughts are on how I can bring something to light about our veterans that will expose facts we somehow think are not worthy of major public concern, like the fact that we lose at least 22 vets a day to suicide, or encourage them, or  convince someone who's reading to put themselves out there for our vets, even just your veteran neighbor who needs a hand.

It's hard not to sound preachy, and I don't mean to be. I was actually doubting the needs of vets when I began my research into the first book, Hard Days Knight. Boy, was I enlightened. They need our support now more than ever because our vets are coming out of the service younger and more traumatized and still they have to fight for their health, their families and often their very lives.

My hero in Her First Knight is a billionaire, Phd of bionics, ex-Army, who lost a brother to depression and has committed his life to making a difference for veterans. Luckily he has the money to create a consortium of private businesses to take over veterans' care. A dream because of course, it's romance, but also a possibility. There are many private businesses that are making a difference.

The thing is, if we each did something -- anything -- called our congressman, lend a helping hand, give a ride, donate (I have a short list of organizations on my Vet-links page) time or money, we could really make a difference. All of us have family members past or present who have served and it's getting more and more dangerous out there. Let's keep our vets at the front of our minds. They do such a tremendous job of protecting our liberty. And if you ask them, they don't consider themselves heroes. All they want is what's due them, resources and a job when they come home.

Please, next time you meet a veteran, don't just thank them for their service. Engage them, find out how we're treating them, what their concerns are and ask how you can help.

And if you or a loved one is a vet, I'm in awe of what you have given to your country.

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