Monday, October 7, 2013

Gettin' Organized

There are many ways to plan your book or series - stickie notes, blackboard, legal pad, just hauling off and writing and hoping the characters will "speak" to you, the author, and then there are outlines.

As a pantser I don't do much outlining but I'm fascinated when I see samples of this technique, always hoping I can one day gear my pantser brain in that direction. The closest I've come is dividing up my book in Scrivener which I've been using since 2007.

I found it interesting to see these examples by some well known authors.

Are you a plotter or Pantser? Do you outline? On paper or on the computer?


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  1. I'm a hybrid: part plotter part pantser. Interesting site, Livi! It's great to see how other writers work.