Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hate Resolutions? Don't Blame You

By Eilis Flynn

Okay, I don’t really hate New Year’s resolutions. They have their purpose. But I’ve always maintained that if you’re going to resolve something, it could be done at any time of year, not necessarily at the beginning of the year. There’s so much going on at the start of January that there’s no point in putting that kind of pressure on yourself, I figure. Right?

Right. Anyway, for many, many years my New Year’s resolution was not to have a New Year’s resolution. Original, I know. But then one year I decided to broke through my reluctance about this resolution business and resolved to make one.

And that was it for the year. I resolved to make one. That was my resolution. Baby steps. Baby steps! Also a copout, but baby steps. (But note the date. January's just too busy for that kind of thing!)

I think I made a real resolution last year. What it was, I can’t tell you, mainly because I don’t remember. That was the other problem with this resolution business: you have to remember what the resolution was. Write it down and tack it up somewhere so you see it on a regular basis and feel guilty if you’re doing your best to ignore it. I tend to lose things in the vast pit of my home office, so it’s all too easy to ignore your best-laid resolutions if you can’t FIND them.

But that’s my problem, not yours. This is another case of “Don’t be like me! CLEAN your office!” And of course, that’s another resolution in the making: “I resolve to clean my office.” Which I’ve been doing, actually, little by little. Didn’t start last January, though, so that wasn’t the resolution I can’t remember. The mess in my office finally got to the point that even I, who became expert in ignoring it, had to address it. Also, we’re expecting a houseguest in the next year or so, so I have to be able to see the floor, not to mention the top of the daybed. (Yes, hope springs eternal and all that.)

But that’s my home office. My desk at work, at the day job (Evil Day Job [EDJ]), is relatively neat. I think it’s the fact that I have regular visitors there, whereas my home office virtually never does. (There’s no room. Seriously. It’s a small room to start with, but it’s still got more room than my cubicle does.) We keep things as neat or organized as we need them to be, so I tell myself that I’m organized enough on my desk. (And as the old saying goes, if you tell yourself something enough, you’ll eventually believe it.)

Anyway, back to the original topic, about resolutions. I think I’m going to make one this New Year’s, mainly because it seems like an exotic thing to do. Something worth resolving to do. Never mind cleaning my office; I have to do that anyway. Finish writing a book I started ages ago and couldn’t finish because my hands weren’t working? That’s a good one. Now to choose a book.

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