Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Fun

I’ve been thinking about how different Summer2012 has been from that of 2011. This time last year, I was hip deep in home improvements and paint, unpacking boxes and going through seven years of clutter. To say Summer 2011 was not a creative climate is to say the desert is a wee bit dry. Dry. My creative juices had all but evaporated and my DIY genes were in overdrive. One bathroom remodel and complete interior repaint later, and I was ready to climb back aboard the editing train. Summer 2011 was a writer’s nightmare. I couldn’t wait for September, back-to-school, and Halloween.

Thankfully, Summer 2012 has reminded me that I actually like the months between May and September. I’ve once again discovered the joys of research, of beginning a new project, of developing characters, plots, cultures, and languages.

 Starting a new story is like falling in love. Your heartbeat speeds up, you get butterflies in the belly, and a tingling in your extremities. You treasure every minute with your new love and are miserable when you’re apart. These feelings are what keep me writing. I can’t wait to see what happens next, what exciting plot point lies around the corner. I dream about the characters and am generally obsessed with this baby story. It feels just like new love. Now, if I could just bottle it and pull it out when I’m in the trenches fighting with edits!   

What keeps you writing? What do you enjoy most - the research? Or is it the story? How about characters? Which comes first the story or the players? 


  1. I love that. It's definitely like falling in love. I fall in love with my characters first. Before I get too far into the MS I have to find pictures that fit to inspire me so I don't fall out of love when I get to those muddy trenches.

    It is good to have the perspective of a difficult year like last year where you can say "well at least it's not 2011!"

  2. Thanks, Livia. 2011 was definitely challenging. The laid back 2012 is much more conducive to stimulating the gray matter. Thanks for dropping in.

  3. World-building! Research. Forming people!

  4. I agree, Ellis. It's amazing how the deeper I research the clearer my new civilization becomes! Thanks for stopping by.:)