Friday, March 2, 2012

Rule Number 1: Cardio

I've often joked that I only run when and if something is chasing me. Well, welcome to the 5K where fleeing for your life is all part of the deal.

Run For Your Lives is a zombie infested 5K that combines running (boring!) with a zombie infested obstacle course (less boring!).

The basic rules of survival are simple enough:
- Each participant will be given a flag belt before the race. The flag belt represents the participant's health level.
- Throughout the race, there are zombies who will try to capture these flags (i.e. health)...and possibly eat some brains.
- Once a participant has lost all of her/his flags, it's game over. The zombies have won.
- Health bonuses are hidden throughout the course. If a participant finds a health bonus, she/he can save her/his life by carrying it to the finish line.

Sound easy? Not quite. As if the zombies aren't enough, there are 12 natural and man-made obstacles lining the course for participants to complete. Mud, fake blood, water, barriers...all are fair game. There are also multiple routes, which can turn the 5K into a 10K if you're not careful. Some zombies are stumblers and shamblers, but others are that unholy breed of fast zombie and can actively chase after the runners.

If running for your life through a zombie infested apocalypse sounds like your thing, or if you'd just like to watch the proceedings, the next Run For Your Lives zombie infested 5K is TOMORROW in Atlanta, GA. If you can't make it tomorrow, there are other dates scheduled across the country later in the year.

For more information, to sign up as a runner, or to register as a zombie, check out the Run For Your Lives website.

Now for the real question. As an observer of the zombie 5K, who do you root for? The participants...or the zombies?


  1. That is AWESOME! Have you ever seen one in person?

  2. I haven't seen one personally, but I'm very interested. Maybe once I'm no longer ridiculously with child I can actually get up the motivation to participate in one. I think it would be a lot of fun!

  3. That is so awesome! I never heard of it. My zombie loving son would kill to do it. Too bad you have to be 14. I see myself there in 4 years cheering him on.

  4. I love hearing about younger zombie enthusiasts, Lori! Do you think he'd prefer to be a runner, though, or a zombie???