Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October musings

While trying to think of something to write for today's post I realized we're nearly halfway done with my favorite month, so why not tell you all why it's my favorite month?

Okay... my birthday is this month, so that's reason number one. No, I'm not one of those women who hates birthdays. Hey, I've earned every not-quite-my-natural-hair-color hair on my head, okay? I don't have wrinkles so we won't discuss them. :)

It's also the month in which I was married. David and I were married on October 15, 23 years ago. We lived in Ohio then and had this unofficial holiday called Sweetest Day. It just happened to fall on our wedding anniversary that year. I was surprised to find out they didn't celebrate it everywhere, even if it is a Valentine's Day knock-off and a chance for greeting card companies to make more money. :) That October up north was a cold, blustery one, but on our wedding day we had sunshine.

And then of course there's Halloween, my second-favorite holiday. How can you not love a day when you get to dress up and people just give you candy?? When we lived in Ohio we'd decorate our house and yard, complete with dummies, scary music, and strobe lights. The last year we were there we went a bit overboard and people were actually afraid to come inside. But they did come - from outside the subdivision, even. Our house was sort of a legend in that small town.

My daughter's freshman year in high school was the last year we were there, and she was in marching band. We let her have a band Halloween party, and of course we made sure it was overdone. We decorated the basement with spooky things, filled the laundry room sink with ice and soft drinks, had movies like The Shining and Halloween playing upstairs, and kept the kids supplied with pizza. That's really all it was, and yet we had kids coming from other parties to the band party because they'd heard about Nicole's! She keeps in touch with a few friends from that town and they still talk about that party. 

Halloween isn't quite the same here in Tennessee. We tried a couple of times to decorate the yard, but it didn't go over as well. Still, I love October. Although we don't have those crisp fall nights or wicked cold winds toward the end of the month here, the trees are starting to turn golden and red - well, the maples turn red, at least. The days are steadily growing cooler, and there's a really neat Halloween store in town. I'm looking forward to having the A/C off soon, and hubby and I are going to out of town for a few days for our anniversary. We haven't been anywhere by ourselves in a long time.

Tell me what you like - or don't like about October ...


  1. I think I like everything about October--especially leaves, pumpkins, scary stories and trick-or-treat.

  2. I like nearly everything about it too! Not so fond of the fact that, in this area, October is when the mosquitoes try to get in that last gasp of biting, though. Kids are covered in bites, and I just killed one in the house GRRRRRR.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves October! Mosquitoes - ACK!! Could do without those!!