Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Granny Panties And Tighty-Whities?

Recently in our Evernight Authors Facebook group we were discussing underwear in romance novels, and wondering why no one writes their heroine wearing plain cotton undies. No loose elastic waistbands or dingy briefs for heroines allowed! It matters not if she's on the run from bad guys or vampires, as long as she's wearing sexy underwear.

Hey... it's fiction. We want to suspend our disbelief and escape with that story. Real women don't walk around in hot pink thongs, black lace, or go commando every day. I'm as guilty of dressing my heroines in red lace bras and panties in my stories as anyone, but now that's it's been pointed out to me I do find it interesting that most romance writers never dress their heroines in everyday undies.

What would happen if we came across a heroine proudly dropping her jeans to show the hero some comfy cotton briefs or at least panties in a lovely pastel color? Would the world end if she told him her bra was from Target? Is everyone's underwear black or red? What if she's wearing a white t-shirt? Surely she doesn't want that bra to show underneath. Didn't her mother ever tell her not to dress that way? Would it pull you out of the story to read about a heroine who's caught with her panties full of holes, or one who keeps adjusting a loose bra strap?

And how about the men? What's wrong with tighty-whities? The heroes I've read lately go commando, every single day. Do you know how uncomfortable that is? Not to mention the chaffing...

What say you, romance readers? Would you be turned off by a heroine who wore underwear from Walmart, or a hero who sported plaid boxers that looked like something he snatched from Grandpa's underwear drawer? If the hero described his lady love's undies as granny panties would you assume he wasn't as turned on as if she were wearing black lace?

Talk to me about the underwear your heroines and heroes wear... 


  1. Had a lot of fun writing a scene in my next book in which the heroine has to strip off her wet leggings in front of the hero... She's only wearing a short tunic dress and suddenly has a bit of a panic? Is she wearing her super-sexy pink lacy high legs or her bog standard white cotton undies? Because he's bound to get a flash when she turns round... I'll let you guess which it turns out to be!

  2. I do write heroines who wear cotton panties although like many women they do reach for the lingerie at times to seduce their guys.

    I tend to put guys in boxers or boxer briefs just because I hate Tighty-whities(except on little bitty boys. so cute then). I have slowly even weeded out the white from my husband's underwear drawer.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Heidi and Inez! :)

  4. It's official, I'm not a real woman. My underswear drawer consists of vibrant colors, lacy and silky fabrics, and thong, thongs, thongs, and thongs.

    My heroines wear the kind of underwear that I do, and my heros either go commando or wear boxer briefs.

    I like the idea of woman wearing granny panties in fiction. I think it would be refreshing.

  5. Angelina, I don't wear granny panties either! :)

  6. I have a mix of comfort wear panties (yep, granny wear) and a few thongs that I like to wear for a couple of minutes to couple of hours ;)

    My characters, of course, are varied. Some are through and through granny panties types, the rest, not so much ;)

  7. Hi Ju! I'm finding it interesting a lot of authors do write ordinary underwear for their heroines. :)

  8. I've had a heroine caught wearing plain cotton briefs and a sports bra. When she got a chance to order fresh clothes, she insisted on cotton briefs--none of that butt-floss! But of course that was intended to say a lot about her personality and values.

    I've also had half a page of a guy being convinced to wear a jock strap. Does that count?