Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - Magical Gemstones

I don't usually do Thursday Thirteen - so this is a new experience. I hope you enjoy.
Like spells and candles, gemstones are also said to have magical properties or uses in casting and wicca. Here are thirteen gemstones you might like to use.

1. Amethyst is a healing stone and was used by citizens of ancient Rome to keep from becoming intoxicated. It is said to be good for meditation and calming, maintain emotional balance and help heal a grieving heart.

2. Aventurine, a stone in various shades of green, brings luck to its holder, much like a four-leaf clover. It can be used to divine the future in matters of money, protects the heart and lungs, and balances male and female energies to promote relationships.

3. Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is green with red spots that look like drops of blood - it was believed in the time after Christ's death his blood had dripped on a green stone, creating bloodstone. It gives its wearer the ability to banish evil, and cleanses the blood.

4. Cat's eye, so called for its deep amber and brown colors, is for luck and insight. Also a protection against evil magic, it brings wealth, clear thinking and luck to its wearer.

5. Hematite, a black steel-looking stone, is another protective stone. It stimulates focus and memory and is worn by people who believe in its healing powers. It also strengthens and fortifies the blood.

6. Jasper comes in many colors and enhances relaxation. Psychically used for astral projection/travel, it also promotes balance of the digestive system, and the liver and gall bladder.

7. Malachite, a dark green banded stone, protects children and travelers from harm and accidents. It also serves as a shield from the evil eye and witches, and is often called the 'mirror of the soul.'

8. Moonstone was exchanged between lovers to ensure ongoing passion and fidelity. It comes in many colors, and brings success in personal endeavors, including love. The most potent time to use moonstone is during the full moon.

9. Opal also has many color choices, the most popular being whitish with rainbow iridescent glimmers deep within. Opal assists in spiritual journeys and dream creating. It awakes your intuition and heightens clairvoyant properties.

10. Ruby and rose quartz are said to be love stones, the color red echoing the human heart and blood. A stone of nobility, its intense energy is used to strengthen the aura, and the physical and emotional heart. Rose quartz encourages self-fulfillment and inner peace.

11. Sapphire is generally deep blue, like the engagement ring of Princess Di and now Duchess Kate, but also appears in other colors. Meant for protection and prophecies, it is closely tied to human destiny. It shields those who go on long journeys and brings hope and joy to its wearer.

12. Tourmaline, another stone of many colors, promotes understanding and corrects certain conditions, like dyslexia and paranoia. It is also said to attract prosperity and inspiration, great for writers.

13. Unakite contains both quartz and feldspar, as well as green epidote, so the color is mixed greens, reds and browns. It is known as the 'stone of vision,' used to open the third eye of your chakra for visions and psychic healing. Some use it to protect gardens and promote health, and it is also believed to clear "electromagnetic smog" from computers, televisions and other devices.

These stones had many uses in history, and even today are revered for their acclaimed properties. And there are lots of great stories and legends surrounding them.


  1. I used to have a piece of adventurine sitting on top of a dollar bill sitting on top of my computer. The idea was to bring luck and money my way.

  2. Thanks! I'm fascinated by the type of gems and their uses in healing and mysticism.