Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jenny Bent surprise

The extra surprise about Jenny's visit is she's going to look at three query letters here from the people who asked questions, so I threw them in a box and drew three random names, which are:

Monica McCabe
Writer and Cat
Mary Hughes

Post your queries here - if you don't have one to post, let me know and I'll pick another. Good luck.



  1. Hi, guys! Thanks for the opportunity, but I actually don't have anything new in the genres Ms. Bent is looking for right now. I may or may not have already queried through the traditional route :)

  2. Wow! This is wonderful!

    Wish I could post it right now, but I'm at my day job and my query letter is on the computer at home. I'll post it as soon as I master the dreaded rush hour commute though.

    Thank you so much!

  3. Writer and Cat,
    I'll pick another questioner, if you're okay with that. And, Monica, post when you have time :)

  4. Thanks so much for this unexpected opportunity! I rarely win anything, so this is especially exciting for me. Without further ado...here's the query.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Jenna Masters is sixteen going on thirty. The daughter of globe trotting explorers, she’s home-schooled, prom deprived, never been kissed, and pure starved for any sort of normal teenage life. Case in point: She’s floating the Amazon River with her botanist-gone-wild family, while her best friend celebrates her sweet sixteenth at Seattle’s party of the year. All Jenna got for her birthday was an updated passport, a brand new mosquito hat, and her sixth trip to Brazil.

    Enter Scott Henley, eighteen, medical volunteer and totally hot brainiac. He’s banished to the Amazon as punishment for being kicked out of Harvard. Twice. Jenna soon discovers he’s uber-smart, but when it came to surviving in uncharted territory the guy had a lot to learn. Trekking through a perilous jungle with prize winning hair any head-hunter would love? Not a good idea. Swimming with a paper cut? Always remember that it’s better to eat piranha than have them eat you. And never, ever ask what more can go wrong when you’re standing on quicksand.

    As the unlikely team navigates remote river tributaries and strange prophecies, hostile cannibals and an ancient lost city, Scott helps Jenna realize that what you might want isn’t always your destiny. By working together to save their expedition they discover the true value of being unconventional and form a friendship that will change both their lives.

    Journey Amazon is my third completed novel and a 70,000 word young adult adventure.

    Upon your request I’d be happy to send a full or partial manuscript. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Monica McCabe

  5. What a terrific opportunity! My thanks to Jenny and The Otherworld Diner for this chance to query!

    Hi, Jenny! I'm a published author looking for an agent to help shape my career and maximize publicity.

    Biting the Rainbow is the story of Junior Stieg, a woman who's driven by duty to her parents but who dreams of making music in a big city. Playing pit orchestra in a musical headed for Broadway will give her both--but someone's threatening the show's young star. Junior, to save the show and her rainbow dreams, must join forces with the star's dark, secretive bodyguard Glynn. But Glynn's honed body, sapphire eyes and lyrical Welsh baritone make Junior want to throw away both duty and dreams.

    Fierce as a warrior, enigmatic as a druid, vampire Glynn Rhys-Jenkins has searched his whole life for a home. Junior's get-out-of-town attitude burns him--while everything else about her inflames him. He's waited eight hundred years for true love but even finding Junior isn't enough to make him give up his dreams of home.

    Until a sensuous, insidious evil threatens the very foundation of Junior's world, and she and Glynn must decide what love and home really mean.

    Warning: Contains explicit vampire sex, violence, sausage wars, viola jokes and--shudder--pistachio fluff.

    Biting the Rainbow, a 99K red-hot vampire romance with humor, is set in the Biting Love universe. I'm a BOB and ARe bestselling author, and my books have hit the top 100 romance list on Amazon several times. All have received Recommended Reads. My most recent paperback, Biting Me Softly, is in stock at Barnes & Nobles nationwide.

    Thanks again for this opportunity to query. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Best wishes,