Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Did you rule the playground?

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You Were a Geek

You didn't exactly relish your time on the playground - you would have rather been reading.

You probably avoided any kind of physical activity and preferred friends that did the same.

And while you may have been a bit awkward as a kid, you rule the world now - as all geeks do.

You've got the smarts and skills to compete in this modern world. Thank goodness you didn't waste your time playing sports!

Quick answer - no I did not rule the playground.

While I would not go back to the days of recess and hanging out on the playground, I can think about how it shaped who I am today. I think back to the kids reading in secluded corners, the kids standing tall on the slide clearly dominating all around them (or so they thought back then.)

My favorite thing to do on the playground was and always will be the swings. The rush of wind in my hair, the feeling of flying high above it all - the time to daydream about knights and damsels in distress. I think my first alien story was crafted on the swings while I was in third grade, something about aliens coming to pick apples and little kids (I'm sure it would have been a bestseller had I ever shown it to anyone...lol!)

Now that I have kids I find myself at the playground again. I see the different personalities at play, the equipment my kids gravitate toward and I wonder what they're thinking. My boys loved playing pirate ship pretending they were swashbucklers and Captain Hook. My daughter is a swing girl - just like her mom.

It's these moments, these carefree times as kids that imaginations run wild, ideas are born and personalities shaped. And now, more than ever, in this age of video games and texting, the brief moments of pretending on the playground are even more important. Running through the tunnels, down the slide and slaying the dragon on the playground is much more than seeing it on the screen.

Paranormal on the playground is the norm afterall. The sand becomes the dessert, or the dark depths of a raging sea where a sea monster is emerging. Som the next time you find yourself at the playground. Close your eyes and soak it in. Dream!

You might find your next story lurking at the top of the slide or while gliding through the air on a swing.

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  1. Mostly, I hung with a group and watched and listened to those around me. And 95% of the time it was a blast. While others seemed to stick with one 'plaything' -swings, running, reading, jump-roping- my group did a lot of different things.

    Have to say, I miss the plaground days a little. :)