Friday, August 27, 2010

The Clip Show

Ever heard of a "clip" show? That's when the production company tries to save money by creating an episode that's composed largely of "clips" from previous shows. The late Stargate SG-1 and it's ilk were notorious for these.

Well, folks, today's post is the Pie Inspector's clip show. Many of the TV series I've talked about in the last few blogs are up and running, and I thought I'd check in and see how they're doing.

Eureka: The back-to-the-future thing is still working nicely. Kudos to the writers for continuing to twist the concept, creating more trouble for the characters. I'm loving poor Henry trying to avoid telling his "wife" that he doesn't know her, and finally copping to what really happened so he has to court her all over again. I'm loving the complication of Zoe falling for Jo's (past) boyfriend, Zane; the awkwardness of Jack and Allison STILL not connecting, (that Jack is such a clueless guy...) despite the kiss and Dr. Grant (hey, sport...); and watching Fargo try to run the whole shebang is hilarious.

Haven: I'm liking the relationship between FBI agent Audrey, her partner, Nathan, and the spoiler, Duke, but the jury is out about the paranormal events they get involved in. I liked the ep about the woman who gave birth to babies using the energy of the fathers, who ended up aging rapidly and dying. Some of the other eps--like the kid with mind control--were kind of obvious.

Warehouse 13: Still finding the whole show difficult to follow--who is HG Wells anyway--and kind of choppy because of the two-story plotlines; one that follows the agent (s) in the field and one that follows Artie in the warehouse. But I did like the Beautiful Mind ep about Pete's artifact-induced paranoia.

Through the Wormhole: The first ep, which tackled the creator myth (or its reality), was fascinating but so densely packed with new concepts from quantum mechanics and physics that I had to stop the show several times and rewatch explanations. Although I really, truly wanted to know about black holes, I just couldn't make it through the second ep. I just have too much right-brain energy in me, I guess.

Still waiting on Fox's Terra Nova, which isn't scheduled until Fall 2011( boo). Coming this fall, however, is another alien invasion series, Falling Skies (TNT), which stars Noah Wylie as an ex college professor who ends up leading a group of soldiers and civilians struggling against an alien occupation force. My husband used to BE a college professor, and unless the alien force is occupying our libraries, not sure we stand a chance...

Finally, don't forget ABC's No Ordinary Family, which is due to begin September 28, and has already started its promo campaign.


  1. I am watching Haven and liked the episode you mentioned but I agree, some of the things that happen do not feel "real."

    I am recording Eureka but haven't begun watching yet.

    I tried W13 last year and couldn't get into it. I'm recording this year and will see if I like it better.

  2. I do like Through the Wormhole.

  3. Nessa--so glad to hear your thoughts. Wish I could get back into Wormhole. Do you have a science background? Or maybe you can handle these complex issues better. I really WANT to like it, but... Hope you like Eureka. I think it's terrific.

  4. I kept forgetting that name, Terra Nova. Fall 2011 and they're already talking about it??

  5. Cat: Well, I'm talking about it. It was part of the upfronts this year--what I don't know, but it was. And it sounds so cool. I only hope it lasts until next year because I really want to see it!